Michelle Obama's Final 'The Tonight Show' Appearance As First Lady Is Coming Soon, So Let's Remember The Good Times


Mercury must be in the house of Awesome TV because your lucky stars are aligned: Michelle Obama's final The Tonight Show appearance as the current First Lady is coming up soon on Jan. 11. Cue squealing. This isn't, obviously, Mobama's first time on the show. The queen of your heart has been honing her skills as the nation's number one role model via comedy sketches since she first appeared on the show, way back in 2013, to publicize her Let's Move campaign via the sketch I imagine needs no introduction: the "Evolution Of Mom Dancing".

Obama is such a firm favorite on the NBC series that she's returned many times, both as an interviewee and a surprisingly accomplished comedian, taking part in the recurring Jimmy Fallon/Will Ferrell sketch "Ew!", promoting a healthy lifestyle via exercise and clean eating, and opening up about raising her teenage daughters. Given she's such a fun guest, it seems unlikely that this is the last time we'll ever see her on the show.

But let's take this opportunity to review the best of Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show to ensure our excitement's at a suitably glass-shattering level of screaming and cheering for her upcoming return.

2013: Michelle Obama Appears In First "Evolution Of Mom Dancing" Sketch

Obama appeared on the show to promote "Let's Move," her campaign to end obesity in children. Mom-dancing alongside Fallon, Obama proved that (a) she didn't take herself seriously, (b) her moves were fire, and (c) she was compulsively watchable. Her final move referenced the discovery, two years earlier, that Obama could dougie (a dance popularized by the Cali Swag District in their song, “Teach Me How to Dougie”) as well as any teenager.

February 2014: Obama Stars Alongside Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon In "EW!"

Obama's attempts to promote the innate cool of exercise and kale chips are arguably way more mom-like than her mom-dancing. But her irrepressible charm meant that you might have followed viewing by throwing your chips in the garbage and opting for vegetable snacks that night instead.

She then followed the sketch by letting Fallon interview her; the sketch provided an organic reason for them to segue onto the topic of teenage girls and her daughters, Malia and Sasha. Obama gave an insight into the sadder side of being the President's daughters: "They really want normalcy, and the White House isn't normal."

April 2015: Obama Reprises Her Mom-Dancer Role In "The Evolution Of Mom Dancing Part 2"

Because we couldn't get enough and because it was the five year anniversary of Let's Move, Obama came back to do some more mom-dancing. Extra points for her uncanny Fallon dancing impression at the kicker.

The sketch was followed by another revealing interview with Obama, talking about how she finds time to relax and listen to music and how her teenage daughters screen her from music with bad language.

Her appearances so far have never disappointed. If she's half as good on Jan. 11 as she has been every other time, she's easily going to be the best thing on your flatscreen.