Mike Shay Shares His Side Of The 'Vanderpump Rules' Story

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

The conclusion to Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules was shocking and heart-wrenching. Viewers watched as Scheana and Mike Shay literally decided to divorce in front of our very eyes. It seemed like we had just seen those two lovebirds tie the knot on the show and ride off into the sunset in wedded bliss, but now the marriage is over, just like that. The conclusion to the three-part reunion special of Vanderpump Rules was just as dramatic and just as soul-crushing when Shay showed up to hash things out with Scheana once again. Hearing Shay's side of the story regarding his and Scheana's divorce made it even more heartbreaking.

According to Shay, he was allegedly not gone for days at a time at the studio, like we often heard Scheana claim to other cast members. He claimed that she would suddenly accuse him of being on a binge and he vehemently denied buying pills behind her back. As for that giant withdrawal that Shay allegedly took from their bank account right before they decided to divorce? Shay claimed it was for his business and then added that Scheana allegedly held the fact that she made more money than he did over his head, which became a problem in their marriage as well. Fans were well aware that their marriage was tested early on when Scheana confronted Shay about his alleged substance abuse issues, but what appeared to be two people working on living a sober lifestyle was not actually the case according to Shay. He alleged that Scheana would often leave him at home alone while she went out. Scheana countered his claims with a frustrated remark that he was making it seem like she was going out all the time.

A surprising moment came when Shay admitted that he was having a sexual relationship via text with a woman who lives across the country. The two never physically met but they exchanged inappropriate messages that Scheana found. While this uncomfortable subject was hashed out, Andy Cohen commented that Scheana had been obsessively grooming during the entire discussion since Shay arrived on stage, and she really had. It was clear that she was anxious and unsettled because she consistently touched her hair and fixed her makeup, even taking out a compact mirror at one point. It was slightly bizarre to watch.

Shay was blindsided once again on camera because he found out on the stage who Scheana is currently dating. He was shocked and upset. He seemingly didn't know and actually broke down for a moment about it. In the end, he told Scheana that he will always love her and be there for her but he was over their relationship.

It was sad to see Scheana and Shay dig into everything, but hopefully they now have closure and are able to move forward. It has to be hard to face what went wrong in a relationship, especially on a national scale, but these two did it and now they can move on — even if they're not moving on together.