Scheana & Shay Have A Serious Conversation On 'Pump Rules'

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Maybe you are a more of a traditional Vanderpump Rules viewer insomuch that you make a conscious effort to avoid any and all present day Pump news. Maybe you sincerely didn’t know Schwartz and Katie got married until you watched it happen on the show. Maybe you didn’t know Lisa Vanderpump officiated the ceremony until you watched it happen on the show. And maybe you didn’t know Scheana and Shay filed for divorce last year until you watched it happen on the show. Maybe you didn’t notice the sad rain cloud that quietly lingered over every Scheana and Shay scene this season.

Well, that sad rain cloud finally burst. Toward the end of the March 28 Season 5 finale, the episode flashed forward three months. Scheana met Lisa at Villa Rosa to let her boss know what was going on in her personal life. After a few pleasantries were exchanged, Scheana got right to it: She hadn’t been totally upfront about her relationship with her husband, Shay. For months, she'd pretended like everything was fine, even as her marriage unraveled before her eyes. Lisa wasn’t surprised, but she was ready to listen.

Scheana claimed that her husband not only disappeared for six days, but cleared out her bank account. She also claimed that someone told her he started taking pills again. When the news of this was first reported back in November, Shay denied that he was missing or using drugs in an Instagram post. He captioned a photo of himself reading a newspaper with:

"I am not missing. I am sober. I am Happy!!! Don't believe everything you read. I love my wife and will always love my wife. Whatever is going on between us will stay between us! I love my family and my family loves me and a lot of things have been said out is protection and anger by many people. I just ready for the next chapter in my life!"

Lisa said the marriage has been “bullsh*t since the day they got married,” and then said that Scheana is still young enough to start over. Scheana told Lisa that she would ask Shay about the drug allegations and the missing money that night. She planned to file for divorce later that week, but wanted to see what he's say to her. ‌

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My goodness, that scene was sad. You know what was even sadder? The scene that followed it. That evening, Shay showed up to his and Scheana’s apartment. The first thing Scheana noticed about her husband: Shay's newly pierced ears. He explained it was “kind of a dare.” Oh... OK.

Scheana and Shay proceeded to argue about communication, honesty, trust, respect, and the bank account. Shay accused Scheana of not listening to him, and then denied taking pills again. He didn’t need drugs to stay up all night in the recording studio, he explained, because he is fueled by his passion for his work. He told her he loves her and will always love her.

And then, the visibly distraught Scheana did the thing she set out to do: She let Shay know she was meeting with a divorce lawyer. This absolutely wrecked Shay. He wasn't ready to call it, but it was too late. Scheana was done trying to make this blatantly broken relationship work. "Nothing is supposed to last forever," Scheana told her soon-to-be-ex.

"This is," he replied. Devastating. When it became clear that this really wasn't going to last forever, Shay packed his belongings in a suitcase and left. Devastating, devastating, devastating.

Scheana seems to be in a much better place now, and I'm happy for her. But man, did she have to take a tough road to get there.