You Need To See 'Bachelorette' Contestant Mike With Short AF Hair

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Mike left quite an impression on his first night on The Bachelorette, and one of his most immediate differences from the other men present that night was his man bun holding back his long locks of hair. Those curious about what Bachelorette contestant Mike looks like with short hair can peek at his Instagram page to find out what a bunless Mike may look like — but it seems like Mike hasn't been a short-hair kind of guy for quite a long time.

While many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants can be fairly Instagram-friendly, Mike's Instaram output is fairly limited. By his own admission in his bio, Mike's feed is "mainly pictures of Riggins," his dog. However, scrolling to the bottom of his feed will reveal a few pictures of Mike in during the time of his life before he grew his hair out. However, it looks like Mike has been living for nearly three years with long hair. Aside from a throwback post for someone's birthday, the last Instagram post of his to feature short hair was in 2015.

So, if Becca isn't into long locks (she seemed fine with Leo's hair, though, so Mike is probs chill), she should know that this is who Mike is now — and he's probably not cutting his hair for anyone. If anything, though, their relationship may have been doomed the moment that Mike stepped out of the limousine with a cardboard cutout of the man that broke off his proposal to Becca a few months ago on national television. In any case, here's what he looks like with shorter locks.

His Instagram features decidedly more long-hair Mike pictures than short-hair Mike pictures. His Instagram shows long-hair Mike making some pretty sick basketball dunks while short hair Mike is regurgitating a gallon of milk that he has seemingly just drank. So.

There is no presence of any kind of medium-hair Mike, as there is a year-and-a-half gap on his Instagram feed, which marks the final posting of short-hair Mike in July 2015 before long-hair Mike emerges in December 2016.

While long hair may suit Mike in real life, he may find himself at a disadvantage on The Bachelorette because of his golden mane. Of all the men who have won The Bachelorette, none of them have a hair length that even comes close to what Mike is working with. That's not to say that Mike's hairstyle is bad — just that The Bachelorette seems to prefer men with shorter hair. There is no objective consensus on whether or not the male bun-length hair and man buns in particular, are good or bad. Some say that the man bun is, in fact, a good thing. However, a study from West Coast Shaving from 2018 reveals that out of over 1,000 women surveyed, "over 60 percent of respondents said they either don’t like the style, or flat out hate it." That's a lot of haters, and there's a statistical likelihood that Becca is in the majority of people that don't care for Mike's hairstyle. (Of course, any study about long hair from a shaving company should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Paul Hebert/ABC

The statistics may not be on his side, but if Mike doesn't last long on The Bachelorette his long hair will likely not be the culprit. It's more likely to have something to do with his cardboard cutout of Arie, or the fact that he "100 percent blacked out" during his first night in the mansion (from excitement, he explained on IG), or the fact that he and Becca may not have compatible personalities and may not share an attraction to each other. As it stands, we can only ponder what The Bachelorette would've been like if Mike had arrived with short hair, but we will never truly know.