Arie Shows Up In Becca’s New ‘Bachelorette’ Promo — Sort Of

Paul Hebert/ABC

In a new promo for the show posted by E! News on May 11, fans got a sneak peek of Becca Kufrin's suitors in the new Bachelorette promo, and let's just say there were some, um, memorable moments. The limo arrivals are always fun to watch, especially when contestants get really creative. The promo, which will air Friday, May 11 on ABC, shows that one of Becca's men, however, rolled up with a cardboard cut-out of her ex Arie — which could end up either being the best or worst way anyone has ever made an entrance.

The promo opens with Becca telling the camera, "So, the last time I fell in love, I got my heart broken." Don't worry, girl. No one has forgotten about that. Bachelor Nation's got your back. The 30-second clip then proceeds to flash through a preview of the mens' limo arrivals, but the way it's cut makes it kind of hard to gauge Becca's actual, real-time reactions.

Well, except for with the first guy they show. He apparently brought along two big confetti guns, and Becca clearly had a blast popping hers off. Where does one even get a confetti gun, though? Was everyone else aware that these things exist? They look like a ton of fun for the limo intros — but, also a huge pain to clean up after.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Fans then briefly see a guy getting down on one knee, which is exactly what Becca made Ari do when she arrived at the beginning of The Bachelor. Clever. There's also a man in a fuchsia suit that rides up on a giant bull. Seems a bit precarious, no?

Speaking of precarious, the next guy — a very handsome fellow with a man-bun — steps out of the limo with a cardboard cut-out of Arie in tow. Now, the clip immediately after this shows Becca laughing, but the way it's cut makes it hard to tell if that's actually how she reacted, or if it was just an edit.

It's also not clear what the suitor ends up doing with said cut-out, though. On one hand, it seems kind of bonkers that one, he'd want Becca to associate him with Arie, and two, that he'd want to remind Becca about Arie at all. After all, in her first Bachelorette promo, Becca ripped up a photo of Arie, showing that she is so over him.

On the other hand, perhaps he tries to prove his love for Becca by defacing the Ari cut-out? Perhaps by throwing darts at it? Or maybe by letting the guy with the bull stomp all over it? To be continued.

Then there's a man in a chicken suit, who feigns some clucking and flaps his wings. Actually, a lot of clucking. Potentially too much clucking. The voiceover edit in the clip seemingly has Becca saying, "What is happening?" — which, honestly, seems about right as far as reactions to that kind of thing go.

It undoubtedly takes a lot of guts to make an entrance like that — or any kind of somewhat memorable entrance at all — on national TV, so for that, they all deserve a little applause. For now, at least. There's no telling what future episodes will reveal. For example, who could have guessed that Krystal, the seemingly chill fitness instructor and volunteer with the homeless, would end up becoming the "villain" in Arie's season of The Bachelor? First impressions can be deceiving.

Fans will see these first impressions and more when Becca starts handing out roses on her own Bachelorette season premieres on ABC on May 28.