Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher's Honeymoon Sounds Like The Total Opposite Of A Fairytale

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It's not every day that TV costars actually end up living happily ever after in real life, so it's still hard to believe that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are a thing — and that they've been married for three years now. But during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, Kunis told the story of her and Kutcher's honeymoon, and it sounds like it was anything but a fairytale.

As Kunis tells it, she got Kutcher an RV as a birthday gift, and he was so pumped to use it that he wanted them to take it on a trip for their honeymoon up the California coast — along with their daughter Wyatt, who wasn't even a year old yet, and Kutcher's parents. It sounds nice, right? Um, not so much, because just about everything that could go wrong did. In fact, she even compared it to the National Lampoon movies.

Kunis and Kutcher went off on their adventure in their "tin can on wheels," while Kutcher's parents showed up in what he described as "the Taj Mahal of RVs," so already, they got off to a bad start. And then, very quickly, it became obvious that this was not going to be an easy trip.

"Eight hours into our RV trip, our air conditioner breaks in Bakersfield in 110-degree weather," Kunis said, which led them to trying to get it fixed... which almost led to them getting killed. She said,

"We almost died on the side of the road when Apple Maps took us on a road — it wasn't a road. It was a fire road on the side of a mountain. We all had to jump out of the vehicle and walk for like three miles while my father-in-law drove the van and Ashton, like, navigated him over gigantic boulders because there had just been a massive flood."

Then, things got a little dangerous once again when they found themselves parked near two prisons after Kutcher's mom chose their campgrounds from an outdated travel book. "That is where our RV trip ended," she recalled. "My husband looked at me and goes, 'I quit,' and I go, 'me too.'"

It's hard to blame Kunis and Kutcher for pulling the plug right then and there, considering how many things went wrong over their six-day trip. And somehow, even though their honeymoon sounds like it was a disaster, Kunis even told Fallon that she'd go on another RV trip in the future... if she bought a nicer RV.

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The good news? Kutcher and Kunis still like each other, even after all of that, which is a true testament to the strength of their relationship and marriage. After all, don't people always say that you don't really know each other until you travel with someone? Going on a bad trip with someone has to be the ultimate test of how compatible you are.

Besides, stories like this are what makes them so relatable — and if you can have fun with someone when everything is going wrong, you know you've found your person. True love is real, everyone. You just have to go on an ill-fated RV trip to find out if you have it.