Milo Ventimiglia Says Jack Pearson Is Better Than Jess Mariano & He Couldn't Be More Right — VIDEO

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Sorry, not sorry, but I'm totally backing him up on this. While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night after that extremely emotional (yes, more so than usual) This Is Us episode, Milo Ventimiglia declared Jack Pearson is better than Jess Mariano. This will probably irk Gilmore Girls fans who are Team Jess and most likely cause quite the debate, but if you think about it, the actor who plays both characters is absolutely right.

Fallon, who is 100 percent Team Jess, was discussing his love of Ventimiglia's GG character when the This Is Us star said that he never was on Jess' team, especially since it kind of seemed "arrogant" of him to root for his own character. He then added, "[Jess] was a cool guy. Jess was pretty awesome. He was no Jack Pearson." Fallon also agreed with him.

Admittedly, I never considered myself a huge Jess fan. Don't get me wrong, I liked him (and mainly because Ventimiglia brought him to life), but I never thought he and Rory were meant to be. Also, he was kind of a jerk in many ways. So, of course, Jack Pearson is far superior to Jess Mariano. He isn't perfect and has made plenty of mistakes so far, just like Jess, but Jack is someone I'd want my by side for the remainder of my life. Jess? Yeah, not so much.

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As a friend, a husband, a son, and a father, Jack is pretty much amazing. He goes above and beyond for those he loves, and he gives the best motivational speeches I've ever heard in my entire life. If only Jack could show up when I'm in need of a push and to help me get over my nerves.

Jack Pearson (and really the entire This Is Us cast) is truly the best thing that has happened to television in a long time. Here's hoping Ventimiglia scores a much-deserved Emmy nomination.

Until that hopefully happens, allow me to show you through gifs why Jack Pearson will alway beat Jess Mariano.

Jack's Love Knows No Bounds


Jack could teach Jess a thing or two about how to express himself.

Rebecca Is His Shining Star


Maybe if Jess spoke like this to Rory I'd like him a bit more.

He Says Things Like This


Hey, Jess, did you ever feel that way about Rory or did you just choose to run away?

He Always Makes Everyone Smile


Jess hardly ever had that affect.

He's Sees Goodness In Everyone


Jess was a hardcore cynic, no?

Everyone Else Knows How Amazing He Is


Preach, Rebecca. Preach.

Jack Pearson, you will forever have me on your team.