Sorry, Milo Ventimiglia Fans, You Can't Be Mad That He Lost At The Emmys

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It's hard to remember a time when Milo Ventimiglia wasn't in our lives, whether he was busy making us swoon on Gilmore Girls, trying to save the world on Heroes, or being the best fictional dad anyone could want on This is Us. So it's no surprise that the beloved actor is now an Emmy nominee, thanks to his nod for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role of Jack Pearson on the hit NBC drama This is Us. And at Sunday night's show, Ventimiglia's Emmys loss acted as a major reminder that even if he isn't winning awards, the actor needs to stay on our TV screens for good, or else we'll all be seriously missing out.

Ventimiglia was up against some intense competition in his Emmys category, including an actor from his very own show, Sterling K. Brown, who won the award for his moving performance as Randall on This is Us and gave a beautiful, eloquent speech. The other nominees were also incredibly talented, and provided some worthy opposition to Ventimiglia: Kevin Spacey for House of Cards, Liev Schreiber for Ray Donovan, Anthony Hopkins for Westworld, Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul, and Matthew Rhys for The Americans. Really, it'd be hard to be upset if any of those men won, as all of them give must-see performances on their respective shows and would deserve some Emmys love.

But thankfully, it was a man from This is Us who took home the trophy in this category. Of course, it obviously would've been nice to see Ventimiglia win, as his portrayal of Jack, a '70s dad struggling to support his family and find his way in the world, is one of the highlights of the NBC drama. But it's hard to argue that Brown is simply fantastic as Randall, and that his performance as the anxiety-ridden father of two absolutely deserved to be highlighted with a prestigious honor such as an Emmy.

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And although Ventimiglia didn't win this time around, fans shouldn't lose hope that he will one day in the future. This is Us is such a ratings juggernaut and has earned so much acclaim that it'd be highly surprising if the show didn't last several more years. As such, the actors on the show, which also include Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley, have plenty of time to get noticed by awards and rack up some major nominations and wins.

And even if Ventimiglia doesn't ever win an Emmy for his performance on This is Us, he hopefully knows that he's a winner in fans' hearts, at the very least. Audiences have loved the actor since he first appeared on our TV screens as Jess on Gilmore Girls back in the early '00s, and so seeing him mature as a performer and person over the years, leading to his current, acclaimed turn on This is Us, has been a real treat. Many people are truly thrilled that Ventimiglia is back on TV in a worthy role, getting to show off his acting chops and make new fans fall in love with every new episode.

So cheer up, Milo fans, if you're bummed about the outcome of this year's Emmy awards. It would've been nice if he had won, but there's no doubt that he'll have plenty of other chances to take home a prize. And hey, even if that's not in the cards for him, it's unlikely he'll be leaving our TV screens anytime soon. Ventimiglia is sticking around, and that means we'll get to see more great performances from him for as long as he's willing to provide.