Fans Are Totally Obsessed With This Photo Of Mindy Kaling's Awesome Baby Stroller

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In late 2017, Mindy Kaling gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Katherine Swati. The author, actor, and comedian is supremely glamorous, and Katherine is already following the same path. Mindy Kaling's daughter has the coolest stroller ever, and fans are already obsessed with it. Kaling recently posted a photo on Instagram showing off her daughter Katherine's Cybex x Jeremy Scott-designed, pink and gold stroller with Scott's signature wings and gold rims on the wheels. Seriously. Would you expect her to push her first child around in just anything from a baby boutique?

Kaling has long had an eye for design, but her personal style blossomed when she began to work with costume designer Salvador Perez. He hand-created the majority of Kaling's looks on The Mindy Project (writer: Alina Mankin), and his signature bold colors and bright patterns extended to her off-screen life as well. Kaling's baby stroller for her daughter is pink, eye-popping, and stylish; there won't be another one like it parked at Mommy & Me classes in Los Angeles. It may even a bevy of knockoffs, too.

She kept the caption simple on Instagram, which let the custom design do most of the talking: "First walk. Gold rims and wings. Thank you @itsjeremyscott @cybex_global #CYBEXbyJeremyScott." Just one glimpse of the stroller — on her page, and briefly on her Instagram story — was enough to send Twitter into an absolute frenzy.

Here's what fans had to say about the very stylish stroller.

1. So Psyched On Everything About Mindy Kaling's Stroller

She capped off her tweet with a GIF of Mindy Kaling, which is the perfect way to celebrate the new mom.

2. The Angel Wings Really Did It For This Fan

If a celebrity's baby stroller can improve your weekend, you know you're a true fan.

3. One Person Missed The Memo Entirely

Don't worry, though — the custom Kaling stroller made the situation clear. This fan can probably keep her cat's name the way it is.

4. Daily Inspiration

Hardworking, intelligent, and fabulous? Mindy Kaling should be everyone's inspiration. Amen, Priyanka.

5. This Fan Thinks Of Kaling As A Legitimate Friend

Who hasn't wanted to use the last 5 percent of their phone battery to tweet "So fabulous, dahling," at a famous person?

6. One Person Wants To See A Picture Of Baby Katherine So Bad

It's true, though; Dr. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project would absolutely be rifling through tabloids to find the first official picture of Katherine. That is, if Mindy Kaling existed in the Mindy Project universe.

7. A Twitter User Just Added A New Life Goal To Their List

Shout-out to Mindy Kaling's baby stroller, inspiring fans since 2018.

8. Jorge Kept His Message Short & Sweet

Aww. "Proud of you," is non-specific, but based on the time stamp, it's at least a message of encouragement about the stroller.

9. Mindy Kaling Literally Inspires Everyone

"Unapologetically breaks the norms about women," is the perfect way to describe Kaling's numerous accomplishments. You go, girl.

10. One Fan Was So Excited, She Gave Herself A Wine Hangover

Celebrating Mindy Kaling's motherhood by enjoying a lot of wine by yourself? She would be so proud. Happiness, after all, should be celebrated any way you want.

11. 'Amazing & Perfect'

"Under the category of amazing and perfect" 100 percent sounds like Mindy vernacular, which all Kaling fans can appreciate.

So, if you're walking your dog or pushing a stroller in the greater L.A. area in the next few months, definitely take a pause if you catch a glimpse of the Kaling glamour-stroller. It's either baby Katherine Kaling, or one of these overwhelmed fans from Twitter.