Mindy Kaling's New Photo With Her Daughter Katherine Might Be The Cutest Yet

by Nicole Pomarico
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been well over a year since Mindy Kaling welcomed her daughter into the world, and although she's kept her pretty private, the photos she has posted of Katherine so far have been truly adorable, especially her latest. On Sunday, Kaling shared a new photo of her and Katherine wearing matching pajamas, and yes, this mother and daughter duo is just as cute as you might imagine.

In the picture, Katherine and Kaling are wearing PJs that are covered in a colorful veggie print, and although Katherine's face isn't shown, it's easy to see how big she's already gotten. After all, she's turning 2 later this year — she's definitely in toddler territory. She's also got tons of hair pulled back in a white clip and a super sweet play yard is set up in the background, and best of all? Her mom looks super happy to be spending time with her. "A lazy Sunday with my little," Kaling captioned the picture.

It's hard to believe how much Katherine has already grown — especially since we haven't seen too many photos of her through her first year. But it seems like her mom has been loving it, and if these PJs are any indication, this kid has been doing her entire life so far in style.

And for the record, several of Kaling's famous friends are already taking the time to gush over the photo, because duh — it's a really cute photo. Jessica Alba, Padma Lakshmi, and Natalie Portman have all already left comments about what a precious pair these two make, and it's easy to see why.


This isn't the first time that Kaling and her daughter have worn matching pajamas. Back in December, she shared a photo of the two of them wearing blue PJs with an Eiffel Tower print, and even though the picture was only taken three months ago, Katherine looked tiny then, perched on the couch and looking out the window, compared to how grown up she looks now.

"Waiting for Santa," Kaling captioned that photo.

And then, of course, there was the time in December when Kaling and Katherine sported matching pink Converse shoes and skinny jeans. This is one stylish pair, and honestly, is there anything in the world that is cuter than tiny baby sneakers? Probably not.

It's impossible to predict in which way they'll be matching next, but one thing's for sure: Whatever Kaling comes up with, it'll be worth the wait. The photos she shares of Katherine are so sweet, and seeing her grow over the past year and a half has been so much fun for fans so far.

Anytime Kaling decides to share a new photo of Katherine — especially when it's the two of them together — is exciting, and this update is definitely no exception. If only she'd dropped a link to where the rest of us can get those adorable jammies. No matter how much you like eating your veggies, who wouldn't want to wear them?