Mindy Took A Big Step On 'The Mindy Project'

Evans Vestal Ward/Hulu

Turns out, Mindy's new views on marriage didn't last long. However, I like the idea that needing to get married and wanting to get married are two different things. So Ben and Mindy are engaged on The Mindy Projectnow what? The season finale ended with good news, but a few things up in the air.

As I predicted, Mindy quickly found out that Ben had bought an engagement ring. Lindsay gave it away accidentally. Mindy was caught in a complicated emotional place. She had just that she didn't want to get married or change anything with Ben, who she loved, but that's a hard thing to convey to a significant other without making it look like a breakup. She attempted to double down and lie, saying that she didn't believe in marriage — but that fell apart. Every one who knows Mindy knows her romantic comedy-obsessed life, and weddings are a huge part of that.

Mindy then had a conversation with Ben's tween daughter about why it was important to her that Mindy be her stepmom instead of her dad's girlfriend. In the end, Mindy proposed to Ben! Meanwhile, Colette proposed to and then broke up with her girlfriend (via Morgan), and Jeremy stood up for Anna — then their story ended in a sweet moment at the Squares Exhibit at the Museum of Geometry.

However... the episode ended with Mindy having a classic "what's next" moment, straight out of The Graduate. Her final glance out of the subway car window didn't make it seem as though she and Ben are going to live happily ever after. Unlike The Graduate, Mindy was the only one having second thoughts in her new family.

Was Colette's engagement freakout foreshadowing for Mindy and Ben? If the show returns for another season, will they go through with it? Will we ever see Danny Castellano again? I'm technically happy for Mindy and this development, but it seems like there's more to come on The Mindy Project and this happy engagement may not last.