This Sheet Mask Can Be Used Five Times, But It Isn't As Gross As It Sounds

Putting on a sheet mask is one of the biggest joys in life, but there are a few drawbacks attached to the pampering experience. First, it's often times a soggy, sloppy experience, where the skin-nourishing ingredients run down your neck and into your sweatshirt. Second, it creates a large amount of waste. A mask used for 20 minutes is tossed it into the trash, adding to your guilt over what's happening with landfills.

Keeping all those stumbling blocks in mind, there's one brand that's out to fix those snags. The Canadian-based company, Nannette de Gaspé launched its Miss de Gaspe Dry Sheet Masks. Miss de Gaspé is the more affordable collection to compliment the original Nannette de Gaspé luxury line sold on Net-a-Porter.

To give you some background on the luxury line, Nannette de Gaspé specializes in dry sheet masks that range anywhere between $85-$425, and they can be applied to the face, eyes, hands, lips, and even butt (because that needs love, too.) But the cool thing is, the masks are totally, completely, 100 percent dry. They come in the form of felt masks that hook onto your ears, and when you wear them you feel like nothing is happening thanks to our expectation of having drenched faces. But when you take off the sheet you have glowing, healthy skin as if by magic.

It gets even better. You can use these masks up to three to five times each. They are infused with semi-solid plant oils and skincare ingredients that melt when they are at body temperature, and deliver their formulations without the mess of gels and goop. When you hook the mask onto your face, you run your fingers over the mask three to five times to warm it up, and then keep it on for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate your skin. Once you're done, you slip the mask back into its hygienic pouch so you can reuse it later that week.

Restorative Techstile Face Masque, $120, Net-A-Porter

But when a set of five retail for over $400, not everyone can dabble in these tech-savvy felt masks. That's where Miss de Gaspé comes in. Geared towards a younger consumer, the new line will launch with three different dry sheet masks that retail for $36 each. While $36 still might seem like a lot for one single sheet mask, you can still use it three to five times like in the original luxury line — and that's compared to Nannette de Gaspé's $120 single-mask price point.

Along with the price difference, there is also a difference in the goal of the sheet masks. Miss de Gaspé focuses more on three different skin concerns that younger consumers might have.

Defy & Drench, $36, Miss de Gaspé

The first mask is Defy & Drench, and it's aimed at skin hydration and taking care of your skin as it goes through its natural aging process.

Bighten & Beam, $36, Miss de Gaspé

Brighten & Beam aims to brighten and revitalize dull complexions, using ingredients like kakadu plum extracts to bring antioxidants and Vitamin C to the skin.

Purify & Purge, $36, Miss de Gaspé

Purify & Purge focuses on battling back the effects of pollution and detoxifies your pores using ingredients like white charcoal to draw the dirt out.

If you're excited to try out a pair yourself, all three masks will be available starting Feb. 1 at You can put them on while you're doing your hair or watching TV, bringing a whole new, tech-savvy experience to your masking game.