Twitter Couldn't Deal With This Out-Of-The-Box Miss America Talent

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you think pageant talent, you may think belting ballads or doing a lyrical dance. And though some of her fellow contestants went that route, Miss Louisiana's talent at Miss America 2018 was ventriloquism. Laryssa Bonacquisti brought out two puppets for her voice-throwing and yodeling act, and Twitter definitely had something to say about it.

As expected, the other women in the beauty pageant took the stage to do a dance, sing, or play instruments. Meanwhile Miss Louisiana was the only one to truly go outside of the box with her puppets and it definitely paid off. She is the one who delivered the act that everyone is still chattering about on social media. She and two puppets performed a medley of songs that really stood out from the pack, and got a ton of attention on Twitter. Sure, all of the women were talented, but the uniqueness of this act was just unparalleled.

Bonacquisti took a risk and even said that she's "not afraid to be different." She's obviously not new to this art, and really knew what she was doing. It was impressive and honestly very endearing.

While she didn't win the crown in the end, so many fans were tweeting about Miss Louisiana slaying the competition with her puppets. Their commentary is just as entertaining as the performance itself. These are some of the thoughts that viewers could not help sharing:

1. She Had To Perform

There is no way that she was going to sit there with two puppets and not perform. That would have been an absolute travesty.

2. She Was Entertaining Before She Even Performed

Without even trying, she definitely built up the intrigue going into her performance just by sitting there in between her two puppets.

3. She Was The Performer Everyone Wanted To See

Does anyone even remember the other acts? She honestly stole the show before even doing her thing.

4. She Was Truly Amazing

It really was spectacular. Never underestimate a girl with puppets.

5. She Brought Yodeling To The Forefront

This was a much-needed cultural experience for the American people. Puppets and yodeling was everything and more.

6. She Had Three Times The Impact Than The Other Contestants

Everyone from Louisiana should be proud of her. She brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "triple threat."

7. She Definitely Stood Out From The Pack

She did not win Miss America, but she definitely was one of the biggest stars of the night.

8. She Got Some Expressive Reactions From The Judges

Even though she was sitting there on stage with the puppets, they had no idea what to expect. And it was a lot to take in. That's for sure.

9. She Brought So Much Joy, Yet So Many Questions

Obviously they "learned" all about yodeling from Laryssa.

10. She Made Everyone Jealous

She really did own the talent portion. Don't hate on the puppets. There's no valid reason to.

11. She Does This On Stage Or Does She Take Her Act To Real Life Too?

This is definitely one way to stand out on a first date, or maybe even putting the puppets in an online dating profile could be a unique draw for potential suitors.

12. She (And The Puppets) Deserved To Go Further In The Competition

Yes, there were so many worthy women in the pageant, but shouldn't a woman and three puppets get to the final round of competition? That only seems fitting.

13. She Should Have Been Able To Answer Questions With The Puppets

If she had the support of the puppets at her side, she might have been able to think of something else that is overrated aside from rompers. Justice for the puppets!

14. She Made The Night Interesting

Yes, that happened and it was absolutely everything. From waiting to go on and perform the act itself, Miss Louisiana truly slayed.

Miss Louisiana showed everyone watching that it's okay to stray from what is expected. Her risk was worth it. Her yodeling puppets definitely got the most attention on social media and it's beyond deserved. Aside from the winner, Miss North Dakota, she's definitely the big star of the night (along with her trusty puppets obviously).