Missguided’s New Body Positive Campaign Celebrates Stretch Marks & Cellulite

The fashion world may never be a perfect place, but it is trying to get better. Brands now seem to be embracing the body positive movement, and listening to fans and activists. The latest? Missguided's Make Your Mark campaign. The inclusive, new campaign features familiar faces like activist Felicity Hayward alongside influencers with visible cellulite, apparent stretch marks, and unapologetic curves. The image and video campaign are a refreshingly look at bodies, and challenges customers to lose the idea that there's such a thing as perfection.

The new campaign is part of a larger movement within the brand that began a few weeks ago. Social media users began to notice that Missguided was no longer photoshopping stretch marks off of their models. Now, with their Mark Your Mark campaign, they've expanded representation of their brand even further, making their body positive intentions explicit.

Missguided is turning a new leaf in how it represents bodies. According to the campaign website, the brand will, "never retouch our models' perfect 'imperfections' out." Going forward, expect to see stretch marks and cellulite — and it's about time.

With the new campaign, Missguided has joined brands like Aerie and ASOS in officially eliminating photoshop from their marketing. Despite the move, though, the brand still has room for improvement in creating a truly inclusive collection. At the time of publishing, the vast majority of the brand's plus size selection only reaches a size 20. However, Missguided's new messaging marks a definite step in the right direction for diversity in advertising.

Bustle has reached out to Missguided regarding an expansion of their plus size options to match their new inclusive campaign messaging.

Babe of Missguided and body positive activist Felicity Hayward (featured in the image above) tells Bustle she has spent the past two years building her Self Love Brings Beauty brand, which promotes self-love in the face of media pressure to adhere to a false idea of "perfection." Clearly, Hayward was a perfect choice for Missguided's campaign.

"Showing stretch marks, scars, blemishes and cellulite is not a flaw, it's a path of growth," Hayward says. "When I found out Missguided wanted to promote our bodies in a campaign as non-retouched, I actually screamed with joy."

Hayward wants the campaign to impact more than customers of Missguided. She hopes it's indicative of a tonal shift in fashion, and changes how bodies like hers are portrayed.

"I'm hoping this campaign will show brands how important real imagery is in advertising and the positive impact we are having especially in the minds of our future generation," she says.

Overall, reaction to the new campaign has been positive, with many rejoicing at the brand's decision to showcase real bodies. Some customers cited the relatability of the campaign as particularly revolutionary.

For others, it was definitely dance party worthy.

Some users gave virtual applause.

The message appears to be ringing true for tons of Missguided fans.

They truly seem to love the campaign.

But with plus size brands like Lane Bryant and Eloquii offering sizes up to 28, there's more that Missguided can do to be truly inclusive. Unfortunately, women over a US size 20 can't shop Missguided's current offerings — women who are just a few sizes larger than the models depicted in the campaign.

While the campaign is beautiful and definitely a reason to celebrate, the clothing sizes should back up the marketing.

Despite the brand's shortcomings, the new Make Your Mark campaign is one you can't miss seeing. With stretch marks, scars, and cellulite on full display, it's a moment that deserves ample praise — along with constructive criticism.