MODA Brushes' Metallic Collection Will Transform Your Vanity

by Eliza Florendo
MODA Brushes

It's rare to find a product that's equal parts trendy, functional, and durable, so when something comes along with all three, it's time to stock up on it. That's certainly the case for the new MODA brushes, which include a launch of their Metallics Collection and more Prismatic brushes.

A brief (and cool) history on MODA brushes: They're actually made under their parent company, Royal & Langnickel, which is a leader in the art market for paint brushes. So not only are they made by experts in beauty, but these brushes also takes wisdom from the art world, too.

MODA Brushes currently has 36 different types of brushes in the market, but they all have these things in common: they're 100 percent vegan, color-coded, made with synthetic filaments for "long-lasting use and wet/dry application," and Silk-Touch™ grips that are also water-resistant. See how they're durable and functional? They've seriously thought of everything.

And here's the best part: They're all under $15. So aside from being trendy, functional, and durable, they're also affordable, too.

The new Metallics Collection features 24 new brushes and seven new kits.


In silver, gold, and rose gold, the metallics collection is the cutest set of brushes in the game.


These are fit for a kween.


Ten of each, please.

Now, onto the Prismatic Kits: There's the Base Face Kit, the Radiance Kit, the Smoky Eye Kit, and the Bold Eye Kit. The Prismatic Brushes also include the two brushes (contour and foundation).


The Prismatic Base Face Kit comes with four pieces: three brushes and a nifty little bag.


The Radiance Kit also includes three brushes and bag.


The Foundation Brush looks so luscious.

While you can shop the Metallics collection online from or at, you'll have to wait to get the Prismatic collection — that one's coming soon, so stay tuned!