Here's What Your Finances Will Look Like In 2018, Based On Your Sign

The new year is a great time to sit down and think about your financial health. Did you come out ahead or behind this past year? What are you goals for the year to come? It's important to have an on-going open conversation with yourself about your financial struggles and goals. Really ask yourself where you want to be, and spend the time trying to figure out how to get there. Part of adulting, I'm learning, is not just waking up every day hoping to get a call from some deeply distant relative's attorney letting you know they've left you everything.

Yes, part of adulting is teaching yourself about money and how to make it the old fashioned way. It's about saving and and caring about your credit score. It's about using the time that you spend petitioning your parents for an adult allowance or b.s. "business loan" and actually using that time to work hard, save, and plan for the future. I know, this is all news to me too.

But to make the scary topic of finances a bit more fun, let's look at them in terms of our zodiac signs. That takes some of stress out of it right? If it's up to the cosmos, not everything is in our control. Find your sign and read along, or check out each sign, because you can never have enough reminders about being safe and smart about your finances.


The year is not going to start off strong for you, financially. Likely, you'll over-extend yourself during the holiday season and have to play a game of catch up by saving and laying low early on in the year. But all of this will be good for you because you're going to learn a lot about scaling back and being financially responsible. So, even when things change for you later in the year, you won't go back to that dark place where you eat spaghetti with ketchup for dinner again.


You're going to start the year feeling really optimistic about your financial situation. You've made a lot of gains, and that's great. But be careful and don't get too full of yourself — you need to plan for a future in which your gains are not promised, so put some of this money aside in case things slow down. This is not the year to take on more expenses, it's the year to comfortably afford what you already have. Read: stay in your tiny apartment.


This is the year that you're finally going to figure out how to make your own finances work. Something is going to click and you'll understand how to budget yourself and pay bills on time and stay on top of your money game. It's about time, Gemini! Try not to gloat too much while your friends are paying for brunch with pocket change. Stay humble, pick up the bill and pay it forward.


This year you'll have some very tempting opportunities to make more money, and your gut will tell you that following these leads will not bring you to a place you feel ethically comfortable with. Be weary of anything that sounds too good to be true. If you think something is suspicious about a financial opportunity, it probably is. For example, do not invest money in your friend from college's start up that looks sus. It is sus.


You're going to have a good year, Leo. You're likely to make more money doing what you're already doing as a creative opportunity will present itself and you'll be more than willing and capable. Just don't start spending like crazy, work harder than you ever have and set yourself up for a more secure financial future. It's basically your dream to be recognized for your hard work, so consider this your dream year.


All of your hard work will pay off, but this year you might need to work even harder. There will be some unforeseen circumstances that will cost you more than you anticipated to spend this year, so plan ahead and be cautious. Essentially, just be you, Virgo.


You're going to make some financial strides this year, but they're not going to be that evenly spread out. To manage your money, you'll need to really focus on your savings account and filling them up so that you're not having such extreme highs and lows. And yes, you are going to have some really rough months, but if you plan ahead, you won't have to stress too much. Overall, this year is about mad gains.


Oh Scorpio, you always come out on top. This year you'll find yourself making more money than usual, with less effort that usual. It's all about your networking and the opportunities you situate yourself next to. That said, planning ahead will be hard as you won't know how to anticipate the cash flow. Social climbing looks good on you(r bank account).


This year you're going to learn a big lesson about handling your money. It's time to grow up and learn everything there is to know about your own situation. Find the time to fully understand your taxes, your benefits, and find ways to cut back, because chances are you're paying more than you should. Whether it's your overly luxurious cable package, or your over-priced dry cleaner, it's time to be more cost efficient before you find yourself in a real pickle.


You will be tempted by some serious short cuts this year, and while some might pan out, others will leave you in worse shape than you started the year off in. Take matters into your own hands, don't rely on anyone else for financial stability and think twice before making deals that have risks. Play it safe this year. This is not the year to try to sue your old landlord bad water pressure because you read somewhere that someone made millions by doing it. Just focus on your work.


If you can keep your head in the game at work this year, there's a lot of money to be made. But if your penchant for spending money on things that "make you happy" becomes too strong, you're going to lose it all. Find things that make you happy, for free. Stop relying on an Amazon delivery to make you smile — it's only going to make you poor.


Everything is lined up for you to have a good year and a happy bank account. Whatever you did last year is working for you, so try to meditate on what you did that served you in 2017, and apply that to 2018. Whether it's keeping your Seamless orders under $20, or shopping at a discount grocery store, your finances are looking pretty good, so keep them that way! And no, don't celebrate by ordering a $40 dessert pizza for no reason right now.