LUSH Is Getting Naked ... By Ditching Packaging, Of Course

When beauty lovers think of cruelty-free beauty brands, LUSH is typically one of the first that comes to mind. Their holistic approach to ethical sourcing and sustainability are two of biggest reasons beauty addicts love the brand. Now, LUSH's Naked packaging is expanding even more as the brand pushes to eliminate unnecessary waste and stay true to their sustainable efforts.

Until the latest announcement, LUSH's Naked packaged items consisted mostly of their bubble bars, massage bars, shampoo bars, and bath bombs. Now, there's been a major expansion. During the upcoming holiday season, fans can choose between Naked packaged shower gels or traditional bottle versions of the product.

Why choose to go Naked, though? LUSH explains it best on their website.

"In just one year, a single person uses up to 200 pounds of plastic, 60 pounds of which are immediately thrown away," the brand writes. "The overuse of packaging is a huge problem. It takes a lot of energy, water, and natural resources to produce packaging. When we simply throw it away, it pollutes our environment, puts wildlife at risk, and piles up in landfills where it can take centuries to decompose."

The brand's commitment to Naked packaging isn't anything new, but the expansion is. So how exactly does a shower gel go Naked?

The new Naked shower gels looks a lot like soap and work in a similar way, according to the brand's Instagram account. Hop in the shower and use the Naked shower gel to lather up. Though it appears like a soap, the brand explained that the texture is different on the skin.

The new Naked packaged shower gels will be launching with the brand's holiday collection in mid-October. Until then, you can still snag your favorite LUSH shower gel in its recycled, plastic packaging.

If you want the traditional, liquid formula in the bottle, don't worry. Even after the Naked packaging's launch, they won't be going anywhere.

For fans of LUSH's ethical stances, the move to include more Naked packaging is yet another move in the right direction. By eliminating wasteful packaging, the brand is proving their commitment to both sustainability and environmental responsibility.