This 'Walking Dead' Character Is Coming To 'Fear The Walking Dead' & It's Going To Be Huge


The bicoastal post-apocalyptic world of AMC's Walking Dead universe is about to get a lot smaller. On Sunday's episode of The Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick revealed that Morgan will crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking DeadLennie James is joining the spin-off cast.

When will this meeting of the minds happen? Soon it seems. James starts filming Fear this week, according to Talking Dead so his appearance will be in the next season. The Talking Dead also confirms that Morgan still has plenty of story left on The Walking Dead. Hardwick read a statement from Scott Gimple, the showrunner on the original series:

“Even though Morgan is going to be featured on Fear, he still has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead. Morgan’s arc on The Walking Dead Season 8 positioned him for the story on Fear. It was also important too see Fear’s world and characters through new yet familiar eyes.”

That said, the way James talked about this news, it sure seems like he's leaving for good after Season 8. He'll probably at least be gone for a while. “The hardest part of it," said James live via satellite on Talking Dead, "from beginning until now has been leaving The Walking Dead, leaving that cast, and leaving that crew. And I’ve said my goodbyes to the cast and stuff, and I’ve said my goodbyes to the crew.”

How is this going to happen logistically? Fans are going to need to start mapping out a master timeline for the two series as soon as possible. Don't forget that Fear The Walking Dead began while Rick Grimes was still in a coma on The Walking Dead. It takes a long time to cross the country even when it's not the end of the world. Does this mean that a time jump is imminent on Fear The Walking Dead? Maybe one has already happened.

Or, is it possible that James' appearance will answer the question of what Morgan was doing between the first time he met Rick in the pilot episode of Season 1 and the middle Season 3, when he resurfaced in a suburb. Or between that episode "Clear" and his next appearance in Season 5, when it was first hinted that he was following Rick's people North. That might even be more difficult to pull off logistically, but it's something to consider. It would also mean that since rejoining the group on The Walking Dead, Morgan has been filled with Fear The Walking Dead spoilers. He knows what happens to everybody! That also, of course, means that Morgan could die in Season 8. It makes it very likely, in fact. Yikes.

Did you ever suspect that the crossover would be a physical one? A flashback that revealed a connection between the two casts of survivors always seemed more likely, and would have been fun, but this is much heartier than fans may have anticipated.

“I’m really looking forward to exploring Morgan in a whole different world," James added on Talking Dead, "with different characters, in a different place.” Hardwick and panelist Kevin Smith both pointed out that as Morgan is one of the only characters besides Rick Grimes himself to have been with the show since the bitter beginning, he's kind of the perfect anchor for the two shows.

Recently, Morgan walked off away from a conflict on The Walking Dead after his grip on reality loosened up just a little bit. Did he keep walking until he hit California? That would be wild. However this crossover ends up happening, it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. The Fear The Walking Dead characters have had their fare share of danger and adventures, but they're still not ready for the force of nature that is Morgan Jones.