Morrisons Is Selling A Ham, Egg, & Chip Sandwich, So Move Over BLT

by Aoife Hanna
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Sandwiches are important. A meal in a wrap or a box or a container. Portable tastiness to make your lunchtime or snack time lit. So any time you hear your favourite sandwich retailer doing something a little avant garde, it's some serious news. Dare I say, earth shattering. Well get your drool on because it looks like our pals over at British supermarket Morrisons are coming through with a new item. One that may or not be considered controversial, depending on what side of the fence you find yourself. Because Morrisons are launching a ham, egg, & chip sandwich.

I know, this could be an OMG situation for you for a gazillion reasons. Maybe for you this is the ultimate dreamboat situation. A classic staple of pubs and cafs. The dreamiest combination ever all stuck together withing two slices of bread. Or maybe the thought of all of the above but, erm, cold, makes you feel like doing a sick in your mouth.

The sandwich is made up of hard boiled eggs, roasted potato chips, sliced ham, tomato chutney, and lashings of mayonnaise. All slapped together in between two slices of seeded bread.

The Metro reports that the sandwich will be available as a part of the meal deal with a drink and a snack for only £3.50. Meaning no matter which side of the sandwich fence you find yourself on, you can't deny it's a bloomin' bargain.

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The paper also reports that Food to Go Buyer at Morrisons Rory Gallagher said the new sandwich was totally inspired by what their customers fancy:

"Customers told us that they loved the flavours of pub classics and that they were always looking out for more adventurous sandwich fillings and so we have combined them to create our new Ham, Egg and Chips sandwich."

The sandwich has been is in stores now, but is only available until Oct. 28. So whether you're dead excited or just flipping intrigued, time is limited and you better get your skates on. This might be the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Special edition sandwiches that err on the controversial side are nothing new. Dare I say that they are a bit of a hot trend among the more gastronomically curious. Or just people who love a bit of novelty.

Like remember back in 2010, when Tesco launched the lasagne sandwich? The Guardian reported at the time that, according to the supermarket, the sandwich was described as follows: "Between two thick slices of white bread, you'll find a generous filling of diced beef in a tangy tomato and herb sauce, layered with cooked pasta sheets and finished with a creamy cheddar, ricotta and mayonnaise dressing."

Nicknamed the 'lasandwich' by the publication, their fairly scathing review of said hearty lunchtime refreshment didn't smack of yummy. With the reviewer Rick Peters saying, "Just how was this monster conceived?"

Whether you see the teams who develop these unusual meals as geniuses or evil geniuses, there's no denying that they have a seriously impressive imagination.

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