'Mr. Right-Swipe' Is The Rom-Com Every Online Dater Needs To Read

by Zoraida Córdova

A good book boyfriend is hard to find — that's almost what Flannery O'Connor was talking about, right? When it comes to romantic comedies, nothing beats the search for the right guy. But, what if Mr. Right is Mr. Right Now, or in this case, Mr. Right-Swipe? How does that impact the romantic comedy? I mean, imagine if Carrie Bradshaw had found Mr. Big on Tinder instead of bumping into him in the street?

For single girls, it's a brave new world out there. Have you ever waded through the swamps of online dating? Have you felt the pressure to couple up because you're the last single one standing? Have you ever felt just about ready to give up on love? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you've got a lot in common with the heroine in Ricki Schultz's debut novel, Mr. Right-Swipe, out now.

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Rae Wallace is a love skeptic. She's in her thirties, divorced, and struggling to become a published author while spending her days teaching elementary school. She doesn't have time to play games, but she also don't want to settle for the next random dude that swipes right.

And so her best friends — the long-married Valerie and the soon-to-be-wed Quinn — takes matters into their own hands and sign her up for the dating app, Spark. Their goal? To get Rae a date in time for Quinn's wedding.

This intervention isn't a totally terrible idea — but Rae is still forced to swim through the murky waters of online dating. Finally, she meets a guy that doesn't make her want to down a bottle of pinot before the date: Nick, the hot substitute teacher at her school. But, this is still a romantic comedy, and it wouldn't be complete if everything and everyone got in the way of their happily ever after. Author Ricki Schultz doesn't pull any punches in this sarcastic, hilarious, and so-true-it-hurts quest for True Love™.

In case you aren't already convinced, Mr. Right-Swipe, is a definite summer favorite — here's why:


Rae Is A Heroine Who Keeps It Real

Rae Wallace is an aspiring writer, a teacher, and young woman fed up with terrible dates. She says the first thing that pops into her head. Nine times out of 10, it's something totally inappropriate and hilarious. (For example, she refers to tequila as "DGAF juice."

She's also deeply relatable. Rae, who is in her 30s, says at one point that she's "old enough to call [men] on their shit. While she's never cold or rude to her dates, she's definitely not a pushover and she doesn't let anyone treat her badly. She's blunt, she's sarcastic, she's honest. You'll want to be her best friend.


It's Laugh Out Loud Funny

Ricki Schultz's writing style is perfect for quippy stream-of-conciousness inner monologues — and the working of Rae's mind are fascinating and hilarious. You'll laugh out loud as you follow Rae on her adventures through online dating.


There's A Super Hot Potential Bae

The entire time Rae is going out on these dates, she's fantasizing about Nick. He's the hot substitute teacher that she very much can't be with. (He's also compared to Isaiah Mustafa, once of Old Spice commercial fame.) One of the major obstacles to their relationship is that they work together. The other major obstacle is that he's got a complicated history with his ex and his family. Not to mention, Rae has her own hangups. But in so many ways, he's completely perfect for her. He's caring, sweet, attentive, funny, and selfless, and every scene he's in will bring a smile to your face.


Rae's Friends Will Remind You Of Your Own BFFs

Rae's best friends are well-meaning but not perfect. On the one hand, they want Rae to find a guy who deserves her. But on the other hand, they accuse her of being too picky, which is hurtful. Still, the bond between these three is strong enough to handle anything.


Rae Knows Her Worth

Rae's humor isn't the only part about her that's relatable. She's super smart, often underestimated by the guys she goes out with, and has as much emotional baggage as anyone who's ever had a broken heart. Despite all of this, she doesn't allow herself to settle. Even though she's "exhausted" by the dating process (aren't we all?), she doesn't stop searching for her happiness.

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