Mulled Wine Hair Is Even Better Than The Beverage

Beverage-inspired hair has been a major color trend in 2017. There are coifs that crib inspo from LaCroix flavors and now there are mulled wine-inspired hair hues, which are perfect for winter, 'grammable, and totally wearable IRL. This unique vino inspo is incredibly pretty since there are so many different tones and depths. You can definitely find a hue for you.

If you've never sipped on the beloved adult bevvie known as mulled wine, here's a crash course. It's a yummy and festive alcoholic drink comprised of wine, oranges, spices and more. It's meant to be consumed warm. Mmm! It's really lovely on those bitter cold days or at holiday fetes when you need a boost from your beverage. Non-alcoholic versions also exist.

That said, mulled wine is even better as a hair color than it is as a seasonal drink, if you can even believe it.

Mulled wine hair is reddish and purple and can plenty of tones and highlights. It's rich, dark, and daring. There really is no right or wrong way to do this edgy follicle trend. The coolest thing about this coif color is that it can allow the wearer to hark back to the nostalgic '90s, the decade of which has been further reasserting itself in the fashion and beauty realms in 2017.

This hair hue is best exemplified by Claire Danes as Angela Chase during the My So-Called Life years. She was #MulledWineHairGoals and never even knew it. But beauty trends are cyclical and always come back around for another go. Now we can all be Angela — finally!

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Here's what a simmering pot of actual mulled wine looks like. There's so much richness and color in liquid form.

Enjoy another look at the mahogany-colored goodness, along with some tasty recipes. But let's get down to the current incarnations of mulled wine hair, which are popping up all over Instagram. They are simply gorgeous.

This is the trend in all of its glory. It's a statement red that will demand that all eyes in the room turn to your follicles upon entry.

Colorist Caitlin Sullivan, who practices vegan hair color artistry in Shreveport, Louisiana, is a serious expert when it comes to the mulled wine hair hue. She has posted several varietals (!!!) and interpretations of the shade on her feed and each is totally breathtaking, especially when paired with fun, chic cuts.

The color really comes to life when the hair has texture, like messy, barrel iron-created waves.

This particular shade of mulled wine hair has bangin' berry tones. It magnetically draws the eye.

Sullivan's mad skills and supreme talent are evident with this variation of the hue. The richness of the red is tempered by additional tonality.

Mulled wine is a potent and pigmented shade, indeed. This mix of purple and burgundy will have you planning a GNO with some mulled wine, a cheese board, and other delish treats. Prepare to be showered with compliments by your besties for having hair that matches the evening's libations.

Mulled wine isn't the only type of vino that is colorists are taking inspo from. This blush rosé shade is excellent if you want to go pink, without having to resort to a powder or pastel hue. It also shows that wine hair has so many different sources.

These images of mulled wine hair are sure to have you booking an appointment with you colorist before the New Year. 10/10 would try.