Nails Inc. Just Launched Holographic Nail Polish

Nail Inc. knows how to make a statement with their nail polishes. They went viral for their Unicorn Nail Polish Set, and now they're onto something even more magical. If you're in the market for some sparkly polish, look no further. Nails Inc. created holographic nail polish like you've never seen before. I'm talking major Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century vibes. Here's everything you need to know about the futuristic polishes, so you don't miss a thing.

Called the Holler-Graphic Nail Set — no, I'm not making this up — Nail Inc.'s set is peak shimmer meets multi-colored goodness that will keep your trendy while not having to branch out too far from your classic colors. You'll get two shades — a rose gold and classic silver — that are holographic to the max. It might not make you richer or give your hair the perfect bounce, but it will make for a nice #nailsgoals post on Instagram.

Actually, the duo is so incredible that it sold out on the Nails Inc. website just hours after it launched. Obviously that means that you need it in your life. If you're looking to jump on the bandwagon with all the other sparkly-nail lovers, you'll be happy to know that you don't have t wait much longer. Although the Holler-Graphic Nail Duo sold out in the UK, it will be arriving to the US Nails Inc. website and on August 8.

Just like the Unicorn Nail Polish — which is back in stock on the Nails Inc. website — this holographic duo is $15. That's just $7.50 a piece for futuristic-looking nails. It's no surprise that these flew off the virtual shelves. There's a good chance that they'll do the same when the Holler-Graphic Duo hits the Sephora shelves this August. You might want to set a shopping alarm now.

According to the product description, the duo of polishes were formulated with a long-wear feature to keep your nails shiny for as long as possible. There's also a wide brush applicator to make for easy application. If all of that doesn't have you ready to shop, then I don't know what will.

Although the shades look stunning all the time, they really light up when brought into the sunlight. That makes it the perfect shades for summer. Of course, they'll look equally as fabulous all year 'round as well. Not many polish companies have perfected the holographic formula, so this is one launch to look out for.