These Swimsuit Pieces Can Be Worn As Tops Or Bottoms

Mix-and-match swimwear is pretty much the norm these days, but there's a new beachy brand that's taking versatility to a whole new level. The pieces from NALLA Swimwear can be tops or bottoms, and with more than 20 different colors to choose from and endless ways to tie, twist, and knot them, you may never need to repeat a swimsuit combo again.

Here's how it works: Each NALLA is cut from Lycra into a single stitchless piece that's sort of shaped like a sideways H. From there, you can tie it into a bottom or a top, and the styles you can try are pretty much limitless. Each piece also comes with a set of rings that can help accessorize and secure the look you're going for.

You can also wear them as sports bras, bralettes, or even yoga tops, and they're easy to layer — six of the styles on the site are actually designed for layering with one of the core colors for extra support and style (although they're a little too light color-wise to be worn on their own).

The idea is that these swimsuits are made for different body types, up to a size 16 — they come in two sizes, but they're completely customizable so you can wear them in a way that makes you feel great. (This also makes them a pretty great swimsuit to shop online since you don't really need to try them on, too.)

At $28 a piece (you'll need two for a full bikini), they're also super budget-friendly as far as swimsuits go, especially considering how many unique ways you can wear them. Here's a look at one piece, un-styled:

NALLA Grape, $28, NALLA

They all have this shape, but this is just one of the 15 core colors on the site right now.

I know what you're thinking — how does this possibly turn into a swimsuit (that's not specifically designed for a wardrobe malfunction)? They've got a ton of knot idea photos on their site, as well as tutorials. Here's one way to style a top:

And another way to work it.

Two pieces, so many ways to wear.

Another cool tidbit about NALLA? The bikini pieces come in a cute little pouch that's made with the leftover fabric from the swimsuits.

To purchase your own pieces or see all of the different ways you can tie and twist them into your own custom bikini, head over to NALLA swimwear here. You can also catch NALLA swimwear on Steve Harvey's new show Funderdome, airing Sunday, July 9 at 9 p.m.