These "Nambia" Jokes Take Trump's Nonexistent Nation & Absolutely Run With It


After calling Africa a continent of "tremendous, tremendous potential" at the United Nations in New York City on Wednesday, Donald Trump referred to a non-existent country called "Nambia" in front of his international audience. The imaginary country uttered by Trump may have surprised the African leaders present at the United Nations luncheon which included figures from Ghana, Guinea, Namibia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, and Senegal. But no one from "Nambia." Naturally, as soon as the news arrived, "Nambia" memes and jokes making fun of Trump's gaffe took over the internet as people tried to make sense of it.

While the internet attempted to piece the rhetorical misstep together, Trump's African audience seemed to be unimpressed with the American president's speech as photos of the unfazed Zimbabwean delegation went viral online as well as a photo of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe appearing asleep with his hand nestling his cheek. And you guessed it. There were memes for that, too.

To be fair, Trump may not have been conjuring up imaginary African countries in his head when he said "Nambia." According to a White House transcript of today's speech, Trump was originally supposed to say Namibia. It's an actual country with actual people. But during the luncheon, Trump said that the health care system of non-existent "Nambia" was "self-sufficient" and the rest is, obviously, history.

Here are some Nambia jokes we all can enjoy.

1. "Oh God, He Doesn't Know"

It dawned on them.

2. What On Earth

Or rather, where on earth. Sorry.

3. The New "Hold My Beer"

"Hold my Nambia" could work.

4. New Foreign Policy For Nambia

Brand new policy time.

5. Find Nambia On A Map

It's there somewhere.

6. Striking A Deal

It just gets more and more ridiculous.

7. An Investment Opportunity In Nambia

Yuge investment.

8. Please Get It Right

Say it right, "Nambia."

9. Leader of Nambia

It works.

10. Wakanda And Nambia

If there's Nambia, there has to be Wakanda. Make it happen.

11. Disbelief

Perhaps more common than the jokes and memes was a running sentiment of disbelief at such a gaffe.

12. Double-Checking

Gotta make sure this actually happened.

13. Other Countries Like Nambia

"Nambia, Macaroon, Ebony Coast, Central Asian Republic, East Africa, Librarian, Sierra Lions," and other places.

14. Fictional Leaders Applaud Fictional Country

Fictional celebrations.

15. Nambia Is The Next Narnia

This could be a great book idea.

16. Cringe

Some were simply embarrassed by Trump's Nambia moment.

17. University of Alternative Facts

Right in the heart of Nambia.

18. A Trump Tower In Nambia

Shiny and pretty tower.

19. This Double Reference Tweet

You win 10,000 points if you get the joke.

20. Nambia In Our Textbooks

You never know.

21. Fresh Covfefe From Nambia

Premium internet content means two memes together at once. Bless.

22. Why Didn't Barack Obama Visit Nambia?

A good question.

23. Folks Would Like To Move To Nambia

People have their reasons.

24. Crown Prince of Nambia

Please look at this, Eddie Murphy.

25. This Artistic Tweet

I would like to talk to the person responsible for the Photoshop. Thank you.

26. "God Damn it"

That sums up a lot of people's feelings right now.

27. "Ah, Yes"

It totally exists.

Normally, speeches at the United Nations tend to gain the attention of the world for their serious notes on diplomacy, bilateral agreements, international solidarity over issues, and more. But this Wednesday's speech became popular for funnier reasons. In case you are in the mood to learn more about how an African country Nambia would look like or you may personally have an idea about what The Chronicles of Nambia should entail, check out Twitter's feed for Nambia and Trump. You won't be disappointed.