Trump's "Covfefe" Tweet Has Inspired Some Amazing Definitions

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If you're wondering what "covfefe" means, Twitter has you covered. President Trump's latest gaffe, introduced in the curious tweet "Despite the constant press covfefe," has inspired a wave of interesting interpretations.

In reality, "covfefe" is probably a typo of "coverage," and one can only imagine how the tweet came to be: Trump likely started typing something incendiary, got distracted by a claim made on cable TV, and then fell asleep before finishing the tweet — or something. That's the most plausible explanation here, but Twitter did what it does best — it pounced on Trump's latest tweet and delved into a rabid exploration of the newly-coined term.

It quickly became one of the president's most widely shared tweet — a high bar to clear, considering his active Twitter presence. Some stayed up all night waiting for Trump to delete the post, which he finally did around 6 a.m., but the damage was already done. And for once, Trump actually reacted like a somewhat normal person and tried to pass it off as a joke by tweeting next: "Who can figure out the true meaning of 'covfefe' ??? Enjoy!"

That was then followed by one of his regular tweet storms, which brought everyone crashing back to the real world and reminded us that "covfefe" isn't everything. But for a glorious few hours on the internet, it was — and here are some of that shining moment's best results.


Wishful Thinking


Something... Delicious?

Sugar, spice, and everything covfefe.


It's Alien Communication

Really, his communication strategies are out of this world.


Al Franken Has An Explanation For Everything

This isn't exactly the most serious issue that Sen. Franken has come up against during this administration.


It Translates To Many Languages, Apparently

You know, a covfefe's like an Americano, with extra gas.


It's A Typo, For A Specific Reason

Trump probably wouldn't have been able to make a joke about it if he'd seen this one.


Actually, It's A Name

Was this exchange planned, or just awesome?


This Really Could Happen


Advertising, Of Course!

First she was complicit, now she's covfefe.


He's Just Too Independent

Really, autocorrect gets stuff wrong all the time, why should you listen to it anyway?


Whatever It Is, We're Not Standing For It

Let the lawsuits roll in!


This Almost Makes Sense In Context

"Despite all of the negative press taking health care away from American children" — I'm really curious about how that sentence would end.


Really, It Defines All Of Trump

He's all covfefe, all the time.


It's Evidence Of A Wrestling Match

For once, his minders came very close to getting his phone out of his hands — but alas.


It's Got A Kind Of Middle Earth Vibe, Right?

Trump, however, did just enter into covfefe.


I Believe We Call This "Delirium"

Let's be real, we all needed the outlet.


Let's Be Introspective With This

In particular, how do they feel about covfefe in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin?


It's A Word For Our Era

Only a matter of time before it turns up in all the dictionaries.


It's Not There Yet, Though

You are all of us, Merriam-Webster.


Let's Tie This Back To The Real World

If covfefe was our only problem, then we'd be golden.


It's A Joke Among Presidents

Trump never did like to be left out of a joke.


It's An Excuse To Engage

Actually, that's an idea.


You'll Be Ordering It Soon

I bet someone's already working on trademarking that one.


Now Let's Just Be Straight About This

As if we needed covfefe to spell that out for us.

Okay, so now you've had your morning dose of covfefe. Feeling better now? Who knows what magic tomorrow morning will bring.