Nancy Pelosi's Pink Pantsuit & Mask Just Earned Her Praise From Hillary Clinton

Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Nancy Pelosi made quite the fashion statement on Wednesday when she arrived at work wearing a face mask by Donna Lewis that was perfectly color-coordinated to her pale pink pantsuit. And, what’s more, she received a public shoutout by the pantsuit queen herself, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton took to Instagram to share an image of Pelosi in her latest look, writing, “Leader of the House majority, and mask-to-pantsuit color coordination: @speakerpelosi.” Clinton’s own pantsuit uniform has been widely reported on as the former presidential candidate has a rainbow of colors in her arsenal. So, while Pelosi’s matching moment was chic with or without endorsement, it made it all the more poignant that Clinton gave it her stamp of approval.

Under Clinton’s share of the moment, one user wrote, “We salute to the mask-to-pantsuit color coordination.” And another added, “Love seeing women supporting other women.” Another still commented, “Yesssss!!!! Pink power all the way.”

While wearing masks is an issue of safety and health and not merely a fashion statement, it must be said that the highlighting of style moments such as these only further encourage the wearing of masks on individuals across the globe. And that’s exactly what everyone needs right now.