Nando's Is Giving Free Chicken To These Two Lucky Groups ALL Summer Long

by Aoife Hanna
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Do you ever look back on your teenage years and think "I wouldn't go through that time again for any amount of money in the world"? Totally understandable. All that confusion, not a girl not yet a woman vibes. On top of having to drag your sorry butt to school five days a week and also do exams all the time. A big fat double drat to that. You know what is super lit about that time though? Special student offers. Like the Nando's deal for GCSE & A Level students.

Would I travel back in time to SAVE money? Probably babes. I am skint AF man, these students get all the deals. And now the cheekiest deal of them all. A Nando's.

Anyone who has been through it (exams) and is expecting their A-Levels, Scottish Highers, or GCSE results this August can avail of this ridonkulous offer. All you have to do is take your results into any of the chain's restaurants and nab a Firestarter or quarter chicken completely on the house. Seriously guys, it would almost make doing your exams again worth it.

So say hello to free food and goodbye to all of your boring studies about things you genuinely don't care about. What a flipping relief am I right? But what next? I mean after all of these exams you have to think about the rest of your life right? Well we all know that is low key nonsense and you have several years to figure that out. But in the meantime, Nando's have actually set up a super cool careers day this summer which will be held in their Nando's Yard pop up in East London.


The big event will be on Aug 15 and any student that comes to Nando's Yard between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. will be welcome to take part in the various experiences on offer. There will be both panel talks and one on one sessions with people in all kinds of industries. Yes, it's not just about working for the chicken chain. They are providing a platform for a whole host of creative industries that you might be keen to learn about.

Representatives from the likes of Converse and Island Records as well as people who work in gaming, fitness, fashion styling, artist management, will feature at the event. They will be sharing all sorts of tricks and tips to get into the industry that interests you. On top of that they will be emphasising the power of work ethic and professionalism which will help you no matter what results you got.

Hopefully, all of the free food and career advice will give students a well deserved congratulations, whether they have aced or flunked their exams. Lord knows that for lots of people, this can be a really tough time. So it's cool that large corporations like Nando's are doing their bit to give young people a bit of a leg up after their results. Here's to some delicious chicken.

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