Nathaniel Accepts His Feelings For Rebecca On 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' & It Could Signal A Change Of Heart

Michael Desmond/The CW

Rebecca wasn't the only person going a little loopy on the newest episode of the increasingly curious Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The curious part? Where exactly the emotional arcs (which are less arcs and more rollercoasters at this point) will lead, especially when it comes to Nathaniel's feelings for Rebecca, which he finally acknowledged were real on Friday night. The moment of kale-induced clarity marked a turning point for Nathaniel. Now, it would seem that a little smooch and bonding over Harry Potter in a broken down elevator has caused Nathaniel to soften that stone-cold heart and warm to Rebecca quite quickly.

After the craziness brought on by the Santa Anna winds, Nathaniel was a bit preoccupied. It would appear that even when he is incredibly bogged down with work, he cannot get Rebecca out of his dang head. No way, no how. He recalled their kiss and the way Rebecca made it clear that those shenanigans wouldn't be happenings again. He thought fondly about the moment when the Santa Annas blew into the conference room and ripped open Rebecca's blouse. Then, to cap off the sexy reverie, he remembered how she admitted she sometimes doesn't wash her hands. Wait, no, that last part isn't sexy whatsoever. It's a bit weird, in fact. But Nathaniel was kinda into it and that's what matters, right?

Michael Desmond/The CW

So much so that he attempted to cleanse the feelings right out of his body, along with his work-related stress and anxiety. Even though he acknowledged his deeper feelings for Rebecca, he wasn't able to verbalize them. Instead, the stress, anxiety, and adoration commingled in Nathaniel's gut and manifested as a very, very nasty stomach bug. Hey, love hurts, isn't that what they say?

The only way Nathaniel was able to really show he cared for and was listening to Rebecca's needs was by sending a private plane out to Alaska to get her father. It was a small gesture, but it showed that he had turned away from being cold and annoying to actually being a decent guy.

Is this a new Nathaniel we're seeing? The new look definitely suits him.