Natty Light Just Dropped A Strawberry Lemonade Flavor — Here's What It Tastes Like


It doesn't matter how many years you have put between yourself and college — spring break will still find you one way or another. In the words of Thanos from the Avengers trailer, "Run from it. Dread it. Destiny still arrives," and in this case, destiny is fruit-forward, flamingo-filled, and just about as extra as it gets. Destiny is Natural Light's new strawberry lemonade beer, "Naturdays," which is basically what happens when you put a Natty Light, a semi-ironic neon fanny pack, and the word "YOLO" in a blender and say bottoms up.

Jokes aside, though, the Naturdays cans are actually cute as heck and I wouldn't not match an entire outfit to it. The can is bright millennial pink with yellow accents, and features little cartoon lawn flamingos throughout. It also has inscribed on the can, "For those who like strawberry lemonade and drinking beer," which is approximately all of us, no matter how hard we try to deny our collegiate roots. (Does anyone else hear the ghost of their 21-year-old spring breaking self scream-whispering "hell yeah!!" on the wind right now?)

Here's what it looks like in its true and final form — essentially, Natty Light, but make it fashion.

Natural Light/Twitter

Natural Light sent Bustle a can of this to sample, and may I just be the first among us to say "oh no oh oh OHHHH no," because it is, in a word, delicious. My collegiate self knew not of what Natty Light and fate had in store. This is a bizarrely perfect marriage of strawberry lemonade and that yeast-y, majestic, "what did I just step on?" taste of your youth and then some. I ended up having to take my taste test around 11 a.m. because of how my schedule shook out, and it may be the first time I've ever sampled a beer that early and gone, "What's the worst thing that could happen if I finished this in full presence of god and all of my coworkers?" (I didn't, to be clear, because unlike 21-year-old me, I will probably have a hangover from that one sip by lunch. Adulthood is a scam!)


This new version of Natty Light clocks in at an ABV of 4.2 percent, so my weakness aside, this is truly an ideal "sipping" drink for the spring and summer months. Naturdays can be enjoyed in 12-ounce cans, and per Natural Light, have already started hitting shelves, and will continue to roll out nationwide.

In the meantime, you still have your other Natural Light options at your disposal, which include Natural Light, Natural Ice, and ... Natty Daddy (if I had to type it, you had to read it, OK?). Why, though, you would waste your limited days on this revolving earth drinking anything that isn't strawberry lemonade-flavored is truly a mystery to me. Keep your eyes peeled for the packs of these on shelves — they are also quite pink, and will be hard to miss. Happy Naturday, y'all, and to all a good Light.