Negative Space Makeup Is A Trend Definitely Worth Trying In 2017

How is it already 2017? It seems like only yesterday it was the 90s, and yet here we are. It officially feels like the future, and that's why I'm all sorts of down for the negative space makeup trend. The term "space age-y" comes to mind when looking at this eyeshadow application technique. So, clearly, it's exactly what you need to try in the new year.

You've probably already seen the trend in manicures. To achieve the look, all you have to do is leave part of your nail unpainted. The negative space (AKA, the unpainted part) really makes the rest of the manicure pop. So you can imagine what it'll do to your eyes.

It looks like it takes some expert skill, but the trend isn't actually that difficult — especially when it comes to makeup. "The trick is to leave a section of your eyelid totally makeup free (tip: try using tape to keep it clean) and apply shadow around the empty space," said beauty writer Kelsey Steigman on Seventeen. The result is pretty amazing and truly screams "2017."

Depending on the colors and designs you choose, you can go over-the-top futuristic, or rock the look in a more classic (but still very modern) way. Want to give it a try? Here are some pics for inspiration.

Use bright colors and large swathes of negative space if you want to go ultra-futuristic.

Or try just a tiny area to ease into the look.

Softer colors, and sweeping designs, make this one so pretty for a night out.

And one more futuristic design for good measure. Happy painting!

Image: Twitter, Seventeen