You'll Be Able To Buy Nestle Candy Bars In Recyclable Paper Wrapper Soon


Well, this could be very, very big. We're all looking for ways to live more sustainably and try to save the planet before, you know, we explode into flames thanks to global warming — and this could be a step in the right direction. Nestle, the delicious candy company that needs no introduction, has announced that they are launching recyclable paper candy bar wrappers. Now, you might think these are already recyclable — but you would be wrong. Most candy bar wrappers aren't actually recyclable, which is a real bummer for our planet and for candy-hogs like me. You would think that something we eat so much of would be a recycling priority, yet it just hasn't happened.

But Nestle's new candy bar wrapper would be totally innovative — because it's a paper candy bar wrapper that could be included with your regular recycling. Part of the reason that candy bar wrappers usually can't be recycled is that it is hard to find materials that are recyclable that can survive the production line and be used in the high-volume, high-speed process required to create candy at the rate we (I) consume it. These new wrappers will be introduced on Nestle's YES! bars, which are already available in some countries but will become available in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, wearing their cool new wrappers.

Nestlé has made a commitment to make all its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 and this wrapper is the first big leap in that direction — but no word yet on when these wrappers will be reaching the U.S.

“Consumers are looking for a more natural and sustainable options when they choose a snack, both in terms of ingredients and packaging,” Patrice Bula, head of strategic business units, marketing and sales at Nestlé, said in an announcement on Nestle's website. “Our Yes! bars are made with wholesome ingredients that celebrate and care for Nature's diversity. We are now relaunching them carefully wrapped in paper, making the packaging easy to recycle and avoiding plastic waste."

What's really interesting about this development is that Nestlé told Confectionary News that it only took their team in York 10 months to solve the problem of recyclable wrappers — which makes you wonder why it hasn't happened already, and why more companies aren't putting their resources into green packaging.

Right now there's a steep learning curve as we try to adapt to greener lifestyles and save the planet. You might be trying to figure out how you can recycle wine corks or be worried about making common recycling mistakes — or even just wondering whether condoms have plastic in them.

The truth is, although we should all definitely make whatever steps we can towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, we also need big corporations to step up to the plate and make their products more green and more straightforward, when it comes to recycling. As much as we can make individual changes, we need the products that get used every day to enable us to live greener lifestyles — and it's always great to see big companies committing. Hopefully, these wrappers are just the beginning and we'll start seeing more candies — and companies — following suit.