OMG, Netflix Will Reportedly Allow You To Choose Your Own Endings For Some TV Series

Black Mirror/Netflix

Ever finish an episode of your favorite TV show and think to yourself, "Man, I wish that ended differently"? It sounds like that feeling could be a thing of the past, since audiences might be able to choose their own endings to certain Netflix series before the year is up, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report, published Monday, Oct. 1, doesn't give away too many details about Netflix's supposed push for more interactive content in its streaming queues. Mostly because, as Bloomberg noted, the company's plans for a more technologically savvy media-consuming experience are still a work in progress.

That said, here's what we do know: For the first time ever, adult-age Netflix viewers will have a chance to interact with some television narratives in a choose-your-own-adventure type format. (The streaming service has dabbled in interactive storytelling before, albeit, only in its kids' programs. Netflix's animated series, Puss in Book, gives young viewers a say in how specific elements of the story pan out.) And, per Bloomberg's sources, those viewers should expect to see the first of these special interactive programs on Netflix "before the end of this year."

Again, the unidentified sources who spoke to Bloomberg didn't reveal much as to the specifics of Netflix's apparent upcoming roster of non-linear, interactive programming. But they did confirm that at least one beloved Netflix series is getting the interactive treatment. Suffice to say, sci-fi buffs with an affinity for creepy, metaphysical plot lines — the kind that'll make you think, and probably stick you with a gnarly case of existential nightmares, too — are really going to love this.

According to Monday's report, Black Mirror fans will have a hand in the series' scary smart storytelling efforts during one episode of the show's upcoming fifth season, which is slated for a December 2018 release on Netflix. If Black Mirror's venture into interactive bells and whistles is anything like Puss in Books' (or pretty much any other choose-your-own-adventure experiences), then it sounds like audiences will periodically be given options to select different different narrative pathways for certain characters throughout the episode's duration. Just when you thought Black Mirror's dystopian anthology setup couldn't possibly be any more convoluted — now, you've got choices, too.

Of course, given that Black Mirror is, more or less, a critique of modern technology and its potential consequences, Netflix's decision to experiment with some interactive features feels delightfully ironic, and totally perfect, all at once.

As for the streaming platform's other interactive ventures? Sources told Bloomberg that there's at least one other live-action interactive program coming to Netflix (with the other being an episode of Black Mirror) some time soon, with an additional two potentially in the works. No word yet on which additional titles will receive the choose-your-own-adventure update, though Bloomberg's report says those two non live-action titles will adapt their respective premises from different video games.

So, whether its during Black Mirror's fifth season or Netflix's next big video game adaptation, who's ready for a little more agency when they're watching tv? Hopefully, audiences see a bit of that come to fruition in their Netflix queues sometime soon.