The Trailer For Netflix's New Musical Rom-Com Is Gonna Have You Obsessed

Are you a sucker for upbeat musical movies with romantic sparks up the wazoo? To those who answered "yes" — and to those who didn't, honestly, how come? — you'll probably want to check out Netflix's new Been So Long trailer, which the streaming service released via YouTube Monday, Oct. 1. And, after foot-tapping along to its glorious two-and-half-minute run, it seems pretty safe to say fans watching the trailer will probably also want to watch the full-fledged film when it careens into Netflix queues in just a matter of weeks, on Oct. 26.

Why's that? Well, besides the fact that it fits the bill for both musical movie and rom-com aficionados alike, Been So Long touts a phenomenal cast of characters and a set of storylines bound to inspire some seriously emotional responses from viewers across the globe. "Who is it, against the whole wide world?" Simone (played by an exceedingly magnetic Michaela Coel, of Chewing Gum fame) whispers to her young daughter, about 10 seconds into Been So Long's new trailer. The kid, for her part, seems to have heard mom's sweet — albeit, a little bit sad — saying a million times before. "You and me," she replies before Simone plants a motherly smooch on her cheek.

Per the trailer's YouTube description, Simone is a "dedicated" single mom, which probably means she's dedicated at least a sizable chunk of the last decade raising her daughter, and working to ensure that that's possible. But as the trailer starts to really pick up, it becomes increasingly clear that Simone's life is about to change in a pretty huge way, courtesy of a much-needed night out in Camden. (A neighborhood which, in real life, actually houses one of London's most popular nightlife scenes.)

In this case, the "big change" on the horizon here seems to go hand-in-hand with Simone's unexpected introduction to Raymond, a kind stranger who approaches her at a bar. Folks watching their tangible chemistry take center stage in Been So Long's new trailer might wish Simone and Raymond could hop on the fast-track toward "happily ever after," right then and there. But, of course, the pair's road to romance is littered with complications and challenges, as it unfortunately tends to be in most adult relationships. See: The hilariously tense exchange between Simone and Raymond about mid-way through the trailer, when he introduces himself to her daughter as "your mom's mate."

At this point, whether or not Simone and Raymond's romance survives those challenges remains to be seen. (With that being said, here's to furiously hoping that it does.) But either way, at least Been So Long's future audiences can rest assured knowing that the film's truly searing romantic element is certainly not its only merit. As those who've been grooving along to the trailer's soaring musical interludes already know, it's the music (not to mention its emotionally-charged, and entirely lilting, delivery by various members of the Been So Long cast) that really manages to bring this story to life.

So, if you've been longing to fill the musical-movie-shaped hole in your heart (or the rom-com-shaped one) for what feels like forever, then Been So Long, and its expertly choreographed flash mobs, might be exactly what you're looking for. Now, where can we get a hold of the soundtrack?