Netflix's Newest Reality Series Is Perfect For 'Orange Is The New Black' Fans

Following the success of its scripted gem, Orange is the New Black, Netflix is gearing up to release a series featuring a real depiction of women behind bars in Jailbirds. The recently released trailer for Jailbirds reveals some of the harrowing realities of prison through the lens of a handful of women incarcerated at the Sacramento County Jail in California. Although the facility is comprised of both men and women, the docuseries, which premieres on the streaming service May 10, will place distinct emphasis on the female inmates who make up approximately ten percent of the prison's 2,400 person population, according to the trailer.

Throughout the clip, viewers become acquainted with several of the inmates who are being held on various offenses, including assault with a deadly weapon, murder, and robbery, according to E! News. There are several parts of the trailer that offer jaw-dropping insight on how some of the women survive and make the most out of life behind bars. In one scene, an inmate can be seen passing illegal contraband through the toilets, while another demonstrated how they can communicate with other prisoners through the commodes. Later, two inmates fall in love with one another and move towards getting married despite the confines of jail.

At one point in the trailer, a corrections officer explained how things work in the facility, revealing, "It's in human nature for inmates here to break rules. We can't catch everything."

Overall, it seems that many of the inmates that were filmed for the show formed very close bonds as they learn to circumvent the confines of prison while serving their time. During the promo video, an inmate shared, "If you find a good friend in here, it makes the time really easy."

Although the clip depicts the many positive relationships that have materialized, it's clear that there are just as many disputes that keep them divided. One person in the snippet explained, "This place is clearly crazy." Meanwhile, another inmate seen using the phone told the person on the other end, "These people are different in here, these is like wild baboons."

Despite their circumstances, the women appear extremely determined to make the most out of their time in the corrections facility. "We might be locked up physically, but mentally and emotionally, I'm rolling," an inmate shared, as the video focused in on two women who have seemingly become good friends while behind bars.

Helmed by 44 Blue Productions, which is notably the same production company behind MSNBC's 25-season series Lockup, Jailbirds is setting itself up to become the newest obsession for Netflix subscribers given its uncanny parallels to, Orange is the New Black. A synopsis of the new reality series, which was shared on Netflix's website, reads just like the plot of OITNB: "At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated women fight the power and one another as they try to make the best of life – and love — on the inside."

It goes without saying that Netflix has a knack for sharing amazing depictions of lesser-known, true life stories. And with Jailbirds, it seems that the site is continuing to keep up the tradition.