The Quay x Desi High Key Aviators Are Back With A New Detail

When it works, it works. The Quay Australia and Desi Perkins sunglasses collab has seen multiple drops and a variety of different styles of shades over the past year or so. From the classic, rock star High Key aviators to the above-pictured Sahara aviators, which come equipped with three unique and summery lens hues and are limited edition, Quay x Desi has proven popular with shades lovers. There is another Quay x Desi sunglasses collab on the horizon. It's a refreshed edition of the beloved High Key frame. So, how are the new Quay x Desi High Key Frames sunnies different this time out?

Well, according to a post on the official Quay Instagram feed, the new High Keys will feature a black fade lens. This new hue is coming in May, as well. The exact date is TBD.

Remember, when Quay and Perkins did an encore at the top of Fall 2016, they offered a new hue of the High Key, this time a silver frame with blue lenses. The Aussie brand also restocked the sold out black and gold versions, respectively.

The High Key is a popular silhouette and the brand keeps bringing it back with a variety of new colors. Quay — which pronounced like "key" — shades remain on trend and super affordable.

Here is the teaser post from Coachella. High Key really translates with a fade lens.

These are the Sahara shades with the orange fade lenses. The shape is somewhat similar but the High Keys feel a bit more classic.

These are the yellow Saharas. The Saharas also come with an olive lens.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

As an unapologetic nyctophiliac, which is a person who prefers nighttime and darkness, the only reason I like Daylight Savings Time is because I get to wear my sunglasses for longer periods during the day. I love Quay for the frequency of new styles, shapes, and shades. Since I don't go out without shades, the brand keeps me swimming in affordable styles. I am rocking the It's My Way frames in the pic above.