Bad News, 'Charmed' Fans

Paramount Television

If there was a spell in the Book of Shadows to make this news go down easier, I would break it out right now: TV Line reports there are no plans for the Charmed reboot to feature the Halliwell sisters or any other existing characters in the foreseeable future. In fact, The CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed it is a "stand alone" series during today's Television Critic's Association panel for the network. The news is not entirely surprising given the new show's description and setting, but fans still had hope the reboot would be grounded in the classic WB series' roots.

The one element from the original Charmed the reboot will retain is the Power of Three. While it would have been nice to have Piper, Phoebe, and Paige back (or even their kids), at least the reboot is keeping the original series' commitment to strong female bonds. The new Charmed women are not blood sisters, but their connection will still allow them to perform powerful magic to protect the world from demons, monsters, and any other scary creatures that cross their paths.

For fans of the original, not having the Halliwell sisters around could be a deal breaker. The dynamic between the sisters is what gave Charmed its heart, and it is hard to imagine a version of the series without them in it. So far, the original actors seem to have mixed feelings about the reboot. Holly Marie Combs tweeted a message of support, simply saying, "We wish them well." On the other hand, Rose McGowan posted a picture of the original cast on Twitter with the caption, "Irreplaceable."

As hard as it is to face a version of Charmed without the Halliwell family, the premise for the reboot does sound promising. If the show goes forward it will follow three witches in 1970s era New England. The best news is Jane the Virgin's executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman is in charge of the project.

Right now, fans may be unsure about giving the new Charmed a chance, but the series could turn Charmed into a franchise, opening up the possibility for a proper reunion later on. The focus is on bringing the new trio to life at the moment, but the story will have a Charmed connection, even if it is a tangential one. Even though there are no immediate plans to involve the Halliwells that doesn't mean The CW will never be open to the idea of bringing members of the original cast back to guest star. It's just not in the plan right now.

Before any firm decisions can be made the new project needs an official pickup. The Charmed reboot is simply in production at the moment, so it is going to be some time before fans know if the new trio will ever get to dust off the Book of Shadows, or if they will be stuck in development purgatory forever.