'New Girl' Season 6 Ends On A Romantic Note

Ray Mickshaw/Fox

I hate to say it, but the New Girl Season 6 finale is here, and that means one of the biggest questions on fans' minds has finally been answered: Will Nick and Jess actually get back together? Despite the fact that Nick's been in a relationship with Reagan for most of the season, it seemed inevitable that he would end up with everyone's favorite middle school principal again, and if you ship this couple as hard as I do, please join me in celebrating. On Tuesday night's episode of New Girl, Nick and Jess get back together, and it couldn't have happened in a more perfect way.

Now that Jess' dad has her convinced Nick must feel the same way about her that she feels about him, she ends up flying back to LA with the intention of surprising him at his book reading and confessing her love to him. But when Nick makes a remark about how his main characters, Jessica and Pepperwood, just aren't meant to be, she calls the whole thing off.

And decides to leave the loft. And spend the entire summer in Portland. It's a mess.

Fortunately, this is one of those times that Schmidt's meddling actually comes in handy, because he manages to make Nick realize that he really is still in love with Jess. But come on — we all knew that.

All it takes is Jess hearing "Time Of My Life" on the radio in the moving van — aka the song Nick, Coach, and Schmidt sang to Jess when she got stood up on a date in the pilot episode — for her to realize she shouldn't give up on Nick, and she races back to the apartment. She already gave back her key, but it's OK, because Nick is there waiting for her. See? This is destiny!

There's an elevator race and a kiss, all to the soundtrack of Lorde's "Green Light," and it's absolutely perfect. Seriously. I may have to watch this one again. Has a season of any show ever been wrapped up so happily?!

The ending, as beautiful as it is, does leave a lot up in the air. Will a steamy elevator kiss really lead to happily ever after, with as complicated as these characters are? There's no way to know for sure, but I'm really hoping for a Season 7 so we can all find out!