Nick Jonas' Anniversary Post For Kevin Jonas Shows How Much He Admires His Brother's Marriage

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It's no secret the Jonas brothers have a strong sibling bond. Well, just wait until you read Nick Jonas' anniversary post for Kevin and Danielle Jonas. On Wednesday, Kevin and Danielle celebrated nine years of marriage, and, of course, Nick wished them a happy anniversary with a sweet Instagram tribute. Based on his lengthy caption, it's clear not only that he looks up to them, but that they've already impacted his marriage to Priyanka Chopra.

Next to a photo of Kevin and Danielle on their wedding day, Nick first opened up about how he "had an enormous zit in the middle of my forehead" at their wedding. It was an unpleasant time for the singer, who was only 17. Being a teenager and having a huge zit on your face can be super embarrassing, especially at a huge event and when you're famous. Plus, knowing the photos will be published for the world to see, well, that would be even more awful, as Nick pointed out in his post.

Kevin and Danielle were extremely kind and supportive of Nick, too, by telling him, "You can’t see it at all," and, "No one will notice."

It was this particular moment that taught the former Jonas Brothers singer an important life lesson about relationships and marriage. "Their thoughtfulness on their big day, and throughout their life together is so touching and selfless," he wrote.

He also continued,

"My zit faded away after a about a week but their love endures forever. As I enter this new chapter of my life with my beautiful bride I’m so grateful to have a shining example of what a beautiful and healthy marriage should be. Love you both so much (and your sweet daughters). Cheers to a lifetime of joy ahead for you both together always. Happy anniversary."

When he was 17, the former Kingdom actor probably had no idea just how much his brother's wedding would impact his life today, especially regarding his own marriage.

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His story might sound silly to some, but it was a meaningful moment to Nick, who has also never forgotten how wonderful Kevin and Danielle were to him at the time — and on a day about them. Their compassionate words have stuck with Nick ever since, and now he wants to be just as thoughtful and selfless with Chopra.

Speaking of Chopra, the former Quantico star also commented on her husband's post. She wrote, "The best."

Chopra even shared her own anniversary post for the couple on her Instagram Story. Next to the same photo as Nick, she wrote, "Perfect.. @daniellejonas @kevinjonas happy anniversary kids! Here's to forever.."

It's really sweet how much Nick admires his brother's marriage to Danielle. In addition to being together for a total of 11 years, they have two daughters and seem like a tight-knit family. Their commitment, thoughtfulness, and selflessness has inspired Nick to be the best husband he can be to Chopra, which speaks to exactly the kind of people Kevin and Danielle are as a couple.