Nick Viall Congratulates Rachel Lindsay On Her Engagement

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no way around it: When a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette comes to an end, hearts will be broken. But sometimes, it all turns out for the best. On Monday night, Rachel Lindsay got engaged to Bryan Abasolo on her season finale, and now, a pretty important guy from her past is wishing her well. Nick Viall congratulated Rachel and Bryan in a really sweet tweet, and it looks like despite their breakup that happened on TV earlier this year, there are no hard feelings between these exes at all.

On The Bachelor, Rachel made it to the Fantasy Suite dates before Nick decided to send her home. Even though they had an awesome night together where they both admitted they were falling in love with each other, she still got eliminated at the rose ceremony. It was so sad to watch it all play out, and Rachel was obviously crushed, but it led to better things for her... like The Bachelorette and her new engagement. At the time, though, it was rough, and it's hard to imagine what that experience was really like for the two of them.

But now, that's all behind them — according to Nick's tweet, anyway.

It has to be really weird to see someone you almost proposed to get engaged to someone else on TV (even if you are happily engaged yourself), so the way Nick's handling this seems pretty mature. Then again, it would have been more weird if Nick hadn't congratulated them, right? Either way, this is definitely a positive thing for everyone involved, especially since former Bachelor stars often end up in the same place at the same time for Bach events.

So far, it seems like Nick and Vanessa Grimaldi are still loving the engaged life, and if Monday night's after show was any indication, the same goes for Rachel and Bryan. Will they end up double dating? Probably not, but this is Bachelor Nation. Stranger things have happened.