Nick Viall Shaved His Beard For 'Dancing With The Stars' & He's Basically Unrecognizable

Eric McCandless/ABC

I’ve been looking at Nick Viall’s face for like, five years on and off, so it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to. I didn’t say that I liked it, but I’m used to it, at least. That’s why when I saw that Nick shaved his beard for his Pinocchio dance on Dancing With The Stars, it was incredibly jarring. That’s the guy that Andi rejected, not the man who went on to be on The Bachelor 30 more times and got lampooned on Saturday Night Live (as Beard Hunk no less). Nick shaved his beard for Dancing With The Stars and he’s virtually unrecognizable.

Now, I’m not an idiot — I get that it’s Disney night and Nick was assigned (or Peta picked) a Pinocchio dance, and Pinocchio is a child-aged puppet. He would not have a beard. It makes sense that this was Nick’s assignment, since one is a wooden man boy, and the other is a Disney cartoon. The only other choice I think I would make for Nick is Peter Pan, and he wouldn’t need a beard, either. Pinocchio just wants to be a real boy, and Nick just wanted to be a real Bachelor, you guys! I wasn’t the only one who thought that Nick’s shaved face was a sight to behold. When I saw it on Instagram, I wasn't ready.

Twitter lit up with opinions about the baby face and the outfit (as usual).

I tend to second that last tweet. Nick's dance was fine... I guess. But he and partner Peta Murgatroyd are still in jeopardy to be eliminated this week, so even though Nick's song commits him to not having any strings, I think he may need one or two to keep him on the show another week. And please, for the love of Bruno Tonioli, grow your beard back, Nick!