Nicky Hilton Dressed Up As Paris For Halloween & She Looks *Exactly* Like Her Big Sis

by Marenah Dobin
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Imagine wearing something so legendary that others might rock the same look for a Halloween costume. Nicky Hilton dressed as sister Paris Hilton for Halloween, and she totally nailed it. This isn't exactly shocking since they're related — of course, she pulled it off. Plus, sisters copy each other's styles and borrow each other's clothing all the time.

Nicky wore a silver rhinestone dress, diamond choker, and a silver tiara in her hair, just like Paris wore for her 21st birthday party back in 2002. That's definitely an iconic look. Nicky shared a photo of herself channeling her inner Paris on Instagram. She wrote, "21 again tonight! PH vibes #HappyHalloween."

Paris loved the outfit so much that she didn't just share a photo of her sister copying her style, but she shared a video of Nicky's Halloween costume. And the early 2000s throwback Paris Hilton references went beyond the clothing and accessories.

Paris captioned the Instagram video with two of her go-to catchphrases from back in the day writing, "That's Hot" and "Loves it." If only she recorded Nicky saying some Paris-isms for that post. That would really make it a complete Halloween costume.

Bethenny Frankel gave her seal of approval for the costume via comment on Nicky's Instagram. It might seem a little bit random that Bethenny would comment on Nicky's Halloween Instagram post, but it's actually not. During an episode of her short-lived talk show Bethenny, the Real Housewife of New York revealed that she used to be their mother Kathy Hilton's assistant, which included taking Paris and Nicky to and from school when they were younger.

Bethenny's Real Housewives of New York City costar Luann de Lesseps loved Nicky's costume as well.

Obviously, Paris had to comment, "That's hot," on Nicky's photo. That was the most perfect response.

It's very flattering and sweet for Nicky to dress like her older sister, but Nicky is not the first person who has copied Paris' 21st birthday look. Kendall Jenner emulated the outfit when she celebrated her own 21st birthday in 2016.

In a 2016 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Paris said that it was "so cool" that Kendall replicated the look.

In that same interview Paris said,

"[Kendall] was like, 'I saw the pictures of you and I was obsessed, it was so beautiful so I had another designer recreate it.'"

She explained why it was so complimentary to see Kendall wearing that dress. "It's like when I was little, I wanted to copy Madonna and wear what she wore in the '80s," Paris said, "so the fact that I'm seeing these beautiful girls — who are the new style icons right now — reminds me of when I wanted to look like Madonna. It's flattering."

That big moment in Paris' life was more than just an outfit. She inspired the It Girls of today and even her own sister with the look. So who's going to rock the silver dress, choker, and tiara next?