NikkieTutorials x Ofra Cosmetics Is Coming

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more YouTuber and brand collaborations happening, another one has just been announced, and it may be one of the most clandestine yet. NikkieTutorials x Ofra Cosmetics is the latest addition to the influencer and brand collab trend, and this one couldn't be any more welcome on the beauty scene. NikkieTutorials has long been open about her admiration for the Ofra brand, and Ofra's status as a leader in the highlighter and liquid lipstick game make this partnership way to good to miss.

For a few days, NikkieTutorials has been teasing her Snapchat and Instagram followers about new products she was crafting. On Wednesday, Nikkie took to her Snapchat to let fans know that she was filming a reveal video for whatever the new products would be. Now, fans knows what's coming from Nikkie, and it's so perfectly her.

The NikkieTutorials x Ofra Cosmetics Collection will include three liquid lipsticks as well as a highlighter. Nikkie has become known for her stunning glow and her love of a liquid lip. She's frequently seen using Ofra on her channel, and in fact, friend and fellow influencer Kim Thai has already collaborated with the brand. Now, it appears to be Nikkie's turn.

The collection is set to include three new liquid lipsticks as well as a highlighter making it the perfect blend of both Nikkie and the brand. Plus, you can already get a look at it thanks to Nikkie's incredibly popular YouTube channel.

Fans are already freaking out about the collaboration online.

They're even already planning their purchase.

If you're excited about the NikkiTutorials x Ofra Cosmetics collaboration, you're definitely not alone. Get ready fans, it's coming your way.