Nina Dobrev's Halloween Costume Is A Creative Take On Your New Favorite Movie

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can always count on Nina Dobrev to get into the Halloween spirit. This year was no exception. Nina Dobrev's 2018 Halloween costume was a fun play on A Star Is Born. She didn't dress up as Ally or even Jackson Maine. Instead, her Halloween outfit was one that you'd probably never expect.

As she revealed on Instagram on Oct. 28, Dobrev went as A Star Is Born for Halloween — literally. The actor totally committed to the look, too. She donned a gold star costume, a fun beanie with lights attached to it (since she is a star, after all), and even a diaper. Yes, really. The former Vampire Diaries star incorporated a bunch of accessories in order to really complete the look, including a pacifier, a bottle, a microphone, some assorted toys, and a little makeshift playpen.

In case anyone was a little confused about what her costume was, Dobrev offered an explanation in one of the clips she posted of her Halloween look. When a friend, who is off-camera, asks what she is, the actor responds, "I mean, isn't it obvious? I'm A Star Is Born!" Even if you didn't get what she was going for initially, thanks to her quick explanation (which she also offered in the caption for the post), all of her followers now understand just how creative her A Star Is Born Halloween take was.

This isn't the first time that Dobrev has gotten in the Halloween spirit. However, her 2017 look had more than a few raising their eyebrows. According to Popbuzz, the actor sported calaveras/sugar skull makeup for her costume, a look that's closely associated with Día de los Muertos, a Mexican cultural celebration.

The publication noted that people on social media accused Dobrev of cultural appropriation, with one user writing, "Nina, I admire you but you gotta acknowledge this isn't an appropriate choice of costume for you. It's cultural appropriation." The actor did not respond to the controversy at the time.

In 2015 and 2016, Dobrev went a different route with her costumes, dressing up as two famous individuals. According to Us Weekly, she donned a very posh look for the holiday as she dressed up as Victoria Beckham in 2015. The former Degrassi star wore an angular brown bob wig and some large sunglasses to complete the outfit. The publication also noted that the actor's friends dressed up as Spice Girls, so it was truly a winning group costume.

In 2016, Dobrev went with a costume that Sporty Spice would definitely approve of, as she dressed as Ryan Lochte. According to Just Jared, she wasn't the only Lochte at Matthew Morrison's Halloween bash, as Taylor Lautner dressed up as the Olympian too. They had some good fun with the twinning moment as they posed for a photo together (along with Dobrev's friend Lane Cheek who also dressed as the athlete), with the Vampire Diaries alum captioning the photo with, "How many Lochte's is too many Lochte's? We're capping it at 3."

Dobrev really knows how to go all-out for her Halloween costumes. And that's especially true for her latest outing, with her fun and oh-so-creative take on A Star Is Born.