No Peter, Rachel Isn’t A Prize To Be Won On ‘The Bachelorette’

Bob Leverone/ABC

This season of The Bachelorette has brought out some seriously competitive men, and what better way to play that up than to stick them all in a Norwegian gym and have them duke it out for Rachel's love? On Monday night's episode, Rachel and her contestants all played handball, and while it did set up for some fun interaction, some of the guys didn't have the right idea about what winning the game (or in general) would mean. Rachel isn't a prize to be won on The Bachelorette — not even when the group is playing an actual game.

Predictably, most of the men were more focused on the best way to get Rachel's attention than the game. But since she's a self-proclaimed sports fan, impressing her definitely meant pulling off a win, and a certain contestant took that idea pretty seriously. Peter — who's already a clear front runner — was killing it, but then, he said something pretty disappointing:

"I have no idea how to play this sport. I’ve never done anything like it. But Rachel’s still here, and she’s still the prize. Who cares how many goals I score? Hell yeah, I’m gonna use my hands today. I’m gonna get real handsy."

She's the prize? Like a very wise Disney princess once said...


All handball activities aside, at the end of this season, someone does get a final rose and "wins" The Bachelorette (in a manner of speaking), but that doesn't make Rachel a prize, and it's insulting to reduce her to a trophy. She's a real human woman who's putting her heart and potentially the rest of her life on the line by going through this process, and that's how she should be treated.

When it all comes down to the final rose, there could be a real marriage and a real future together waiting for Rachel and whoever she chooses — that's not a prize, that's a real life commitment. Hopefully, that lucky guy will realize what kind of responsibility that is and respect it. After everything she's done so far in the name of love, that's what Rachel deserves.