North Spilled Kim Kardashian's Baby News, According To This Hilarious 'KUWTK' Clip

by Marenah Dobin
Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's almost shocking when the Kardashian-Jenner family manages to keep a secret. First off, there are so many family members, so their close friends form a large group. Plus, there's a camera crew filming them all the time. There are plenty of people who could share private information, but is North West spilling Kardashian family information? She just might be. Or at least that's what her mom Kim Kardashian West concluded during the March 31 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

During a conversation with Kylie Jenner, Kim began, "Do you know who I think our informant is?" And then she mentioned North. Kim justified that theory by saying, "A mom at school texts me and goes 'Congrats! I heard you're having a baby brother.'" And how does this mom know the top-secret baby news? Kim revealed,

"North has been going around saying she finally has a baby brother so Saint won't bother her anymore. She's the one who's been selling us out this whole time."

It's probably too early for North to sign a nondisclosure agreement with a crayon, right? Maybe they should hold off on sharing major news with North until she's able to grasp that she is a part of a very public family. Or until they are at a point when they are ready to share updates with the world, especially since they are in a somewhat unique situation.

And what North said is true: Just like how they welcomed their daughter Chicago West, Kim and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child via surrogate, which Kim confirmed during a January appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

On the bright side, it's sort of nice that North "leaked" the baby news because she was so excited. It would have been worse if she was talking about it because she was upset to have another baby brother.

To put it mildly, North hasn't always been the most enthusiastic big sister. During an August 2017 appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Kim discussed how her kids have a way different dynamic than she did with her own siblings growing up. The reality TV star revealed,

"I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother. It’s so hard for me. I thought it was like, ‘OK, a couple months, she’s just warming up to it.' She got so jealous when I would breastfeed and stuff. And now, the phase isn’t going away.”

Almost a year later, Kim discussed North's progress as a big sister during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Kim explained, "There was a shocking moment yesterday. She literally had a can of popcorn and was like, 'Saint, do you want some?' And I was like 'What!?'"

That doesn't sound like much, but the mother of three insisted that it was actually monumental progress. Kim explained, "You gotta understand, she does not share with Saint. She hardly talks to Saint. So, that was such a big moment in my household."

In that same interview, the KKW Beauty founder also said, "She needs to still get it together and warm up and like be a little bit nicer, but I think she is getting there. I saw glimmers of hope like a week ago. She’s not like harmful. She’s not like hurting him or anything."

And look how far she's come. Now North is so excited to have a little brother that she's sharing the news with all of her friends at school. Sure, she did supposedly tell people that she was happy about it because Saint "wouldn't bother her" anymore if he had a brother to hang with. However, it's still a major improvement that she has a (somewhat) positive view on the new addition to the family, even if she is leaking major news stories.