These Predictions Will Help You Make The Most Of This Month’s New Moon Vibes

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November is a big month. Daylight saving time ends Nov. 4., the midterm elections are Nov. 6, and the new moon in Scorpio happens Nov. 7. It's going to be a difficult week, and being aware of the November 2018 new moon astrology predictions can help you navigate this difficult time like a boss. With Jupiter moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius Nov. 8, the November 2018 new moon is a period of transition, and it's the shift you've been waiting for after the summer of eleventy-million retrogrades.

"[The new moon is] going to highlight and help wrap up the issues that were bought forward while Jupiter was in Scorpio," the Intuitive Astrology blog noted in its November forecast. "While things may come to a head on this new moon, it is likely that this climax will lead to a resolution and a way to move forward and find forgiveness." It's important to remember that without darkness there is no light. So, while the November 2018 new moon in Scorpio might have you feeling bajiggity AF for 24 hours, the fog will lift come Nov. 8.

"The secret to mastering Scorpio’s energy — and rising above negative expressions like manipulation and possessiveness — is putting the lower will in the service of the higher," Astrologer Rachel Celeste Hansen wrote for What else can you expect from the November 2018 new moon? Here are some astrological predictions to be aware of.

It's Going To Be Emotional

Angers, sadness, and confusion are just a few of the dark and twisty emotions that will be triggered by the new moon in Scorpio, which is also Jupiter's final day in the same sign. Resistance is futile my friendlies. Whatever comes up, it's best to process it and clear the energy from your aura. "With intense focus and penetrating insight, Scorpio sees it all. But with this fixed water sign, what we see is often just the tip of the iceberg," Hansen noted. "There’s a whole lot more going on beneath the surface: subtle energies, subconscious motives, and suppressed emotions."

You'll Gain New Insights

The emotion you'll be experiencing during the November 2018 new moon isn't all for naught. Scorpio needs to penetrate your hard outer shell and break you open so you're ready to receive new karmic insights during this dark night of the soul. In the end, you might find yourself being more selfless, which is always a good thing.

"An urge to help others means this a new moon of forgiveness and charity," Astrologer Jamie Partridge explained on Astrology King. "You will gain a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world. Importantly, you may realize that achieving your goals and dreams is of prime importance before you can help others."

A Change Could Do You Good

If you wake up on Nov. 7 and don't recognize the person you've become, Astro Butterfly noted on its website that the November 2018 new moon is an ideal time to reinvent yourself. If you don't like where you are, don't commit to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it — it's never too late for a course correction.

"We have the nodal shift, Uranus moves back into Aries, and Jupiter enters Sagittarius — all happening just before or just after the new moon," Astro Butterfly explained. "Before moving back into Aries, Uranus squares the nodes, showing you how you are (or aren’t) in alignment with your destiny. Uranus is the bolt of lightning that has the ability to reveal something that you cannot see otherwise."

Remember — Everything Is An Illusion

The November 2018 new moon in Scorpio might reveal that everything you thought was true is actually just a perfect illusion. Love, work, friendships — all aspects of your life are subject to examination. Triple check everything on Nov. 7, and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

"This new moon November 2018 is the first after Halloween and this time of the year is always going to have a fallen angel quality to it," Darkstar Astrology noted on its website. "Sailors, or shall we say any travelers, are tempted off course by the spellbinding sound of the sirens song." No matter what happens during the November 2018 new moon, remember that it's in service of your greater purpose, which is ultimately all you could hope for from a new moon.