9 Nude Lingerie Sets That Are Practical, But Still Super Cute

Boux Avenue, Leia, Savage x Fenty

Stereotypically, nude lingerie is boring. Not something you put on for a special occasion, it's more of a "must" for certain outfits than a "want". But several brands are aiming to shift that perception by designing nude underwear that you'll actually want to wear. What's more, the industry is finally waking up to inclusivity, whether that's through size, colour, or ideally both.

Nude used to mean white in the lingerie market. But not anymore. Thanks to the likes of Rihanna's Savage x Fenty and Nubian Skin, it now defines what it should have meant all along: any colour that suits your natural skin tone.

It also used to connote dullness. Again, this isn't the case any longer. Instead, bras, knickers, and bodysuits designed in nude shades feature cute lace detailing, shimmering finishes, and silhouettes that can even be shown off to the public. They're still the perfect piece to wear under a notoriously see-through outfit, of course. But they're something to enjoy spending money on, rather than a tedious necessity.

The following pieces all fall into one of the following categories: either size-inclusive, offering a range of colours, or, quite simply, incredibly pretty. It's time for the nude revolution to begin.


Don't get me wrong. Nude underwear, on the whole, still requires a lot of work, but the industry is getting there. Just give it time.