Nutella Fries Are Here To #Bless Us All

by Nia Decaille

For starters, this is for all of the people called "weird" for enjoying the unlikely pairing of french fries and a chocolate milkshake. To some this is the right combo of sweet and salty, which leads to another interesting revelation. I won't "yuck your yum" as the saying goes, but the devil is in the details. Take your favorite dish of fried potato-y fried goodness, add chocolate and a few sprinkles of hazelnuts. Known as "Nutella fries," it is a winning combination for people who love a good sweet and salty mix.

As a brief history, this isn't anything new. In places like East Asia, fast food chains like Lotteria in Japan have launched "dipping fries," aka fries with chocolate dipping sauce, in the past. If you have even more of sweet tooth, there are other options à la french fries that are, at the very least, intriguing. Take sweet potato fries, Nutella, and peanut butter! This is a combination that might spark your interest if you're already salivating.

So if this isn't a trend, could ketchup become obsolete for an even sweeter taste? Probably not. But it doesn't mean that this isn't a foodie venture worth traveling for. Unfortunately, if you don't live in Australia, this might just be something you can add to your wanderlust board.

The Sydney based restaurant Butter is where you can get this Nutella inspired creation. Boasting Nutella fries, fried chicken, champagne and sneakers this seems like the kind of stylish party best joined on an empty stomach. Feast your eyes on what could be a new, indulgent trend:

Don't feel bad about being sucked in and following a few more food porn accounts on Instagram like Butter. It's practically impossible to look away! If you were wondering, what you should enjoy along with those Nutella fries:

You might want to think about booking that international flight soon, because these fries are available for a limited time. After May, this may become more of DIY project. It's time to make a decision as to whether this is worth a trip down under, don't you agree?

Even if you don't try Nutella fries, there's no harm in giving Butter's Instagram or their sneaker and apparel line Subtype another look. So while you might not have the funds to just buy a plane ticket across the globe, a girl can always dream. Kudos to Butter for successfully bringing together all of your favorite things: fried food, comfortable, stylish footwear, and chocolate.