Obsessed Amazon Reviewers Swear By These 38 Products That Saved Them A Bunch Of Money

Everybody enjoys spending money, but saving it? That's another matter entirely. For me, saving money boils down to not going anywhere and not doing anything — because the alternative is throwing my credit card around the mall like it's confetti. If you're like me and can't figure out a happy medium between spending and saving, here's some great news: You can do both simultaneously with these genius Amazon products that help you save money over time.

Even though you're technically still spending money at first, these products can help you off-set costs elsewhere. For example, rather than splurging on a high-end purifier that requires consistent replacement filters, you could pick up a pack of reusable air-purifying charcoal bags that last for months on end. You can also give your old sweaters a refresher with a pilling scraper, stretch those tight boots you never wear, and invest in a set of unbreakable wine glasses. These products are sure to save you money in the long-run, but they'll also satisfy that current-moment impulse shopper we all have inside of ourselves.

Whether you're searching for a cheap way to create delicious cold brew at home, or looking to keep your produce fresher for longer, there are tons of cost-effective Amazon products that your bank account will thank you for. So what are you waiting for? There's a portable blender in here calling your name!


The Air-Purifying Bags That Last For Years And Years

Made from high-quality activated charcoal, the Infinit USA air purifying bags absorb unwanted odors and moisture in your car, closet, office, or garage. As a result, you're left with clean, fresh-smelling air. These bags are designed to last for up to two years of everyday use, and if they ever lose their odor-fighting abilities, all you have to do is leave them in direct sunlight for an hour to "recharge" them.


A Roll Of Paper Towels That's Completely Reusable

Buying traditional paper towels over and over can quickly add up, whereas the Bambooee reusable bamboo towels are the equivalent of 286 rolls in one. Not only are they stronger than regular paper towels, but they're also machine-washable up to 100 times, which helps save you some serious money over time. You can even put them on the top rack of your dishwasher if you're in a rush.


The Glove That Can Clean Practically Anything

Use them to dry wet dishes, dust off old knick-knacks, or even wipe up a spill without wasting paper towels. Thanks to its revolutionary Nanolon-fiber fabric, Nano Towels reusable nano gloves are versatile enough that you can use them for a variety of cleaning purposes all over your home, and they're so effective that you don't even need to use a cleaning solution — just water.


A Mop Pad Made From Dust-Busting Microfiber

Rather than spending money on wasteful refills, give the reusable PERSIK microfiber mop pad a try. All you have to do is add water, and this pad will clean your floors just as effectively as traditional chemical cleaners. That's because its special fabric aims to remove 99 percent of bacteria, plus it also works as a duster for hard-to-reach places. It can hold up to five times its weight in water and grime, and you can add detergent to it for added cleaning power.


The Dryer Balls That Help Save You Money On Electricity

Traditional dryer sheets can be used once and are loaded with potentially-harmful chemicals, whereas the Life Miracle dryer balls are not only reusable, but they also decrease the time it takes to dry your clothes; this helps save you money on your electricity bill. These balls also help fluff and soften your laundry, and they even reduce the amount of wrinkles in your clothing so you don't need to iron anything.


These Sheets That Help Keep Your Produce Fresher For Longer

Few things are as discouraging as opening your produce drawer to find that everything's gone bad within days. Help keep your vegetables fresher for longer by using The FRESHGLOW Co. food saver sheets. These sheets keep spoilage at bay for up to four times longer, and they're completely BPA-free as well as 100-percent food-safe. They're designed to easily fit into almost any type of container, drawer, bowl, carton, or bag, and each one lasts for up to one month.


The Shoe Stretchers That Also Work On Tall Boots

Maybe your new running shoes leave your feet feeling cramped, or maybe your tall boots aren't wide enough for your calves — either way, the XYH shoe stretcher can help transform tight shoes into comfortable kicks so you'll actually get use out of them. These stretchers are made with a super-durable steel shaft that helps maintain the shape of your shoes while they stretch. They're even designed with built-in bunion plugs to create room for any extra bumps on your feet.


A Smart Bulb Starter Kit That You Can Control From Anywhere

Not only do the LED bulbs have a lifetime of over 10,000 hours, but the Philips Hue smart bulb starter kit is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and other virtual assistants so that you can turn your lights on and off using your voice. The free downloadable Philips Hue app lets you control your lights from afar, which is great if you're in the habit of accidentally leaving them on. Each order comes with four smart bulbs and a hub.


This Effective Mineral-Based Deodorant That Lasts A Year Or More

The CRYSTAL deodorant mineral stick only uses one ingredient to keep you fresh throughout the day: pure mineral salt, which creates a bacteria-trapping layer over your skin. This deodorant is effective for up to 24 hours without leaving any stains, residues, or white marks on your clothing, and the formula is completely cruelty-free as well as vegan. Reviewers note how it's both effective and gentle on their sensitive skin, but the best part? A single stick will "last more than a year."


An Oil That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Cutting Boards

Cutting boards made from bamboo and other woods can begin to split over time if they're not properly cared for, but Greener Chef cutting board oil can help extend their lifespans. This oil is formulated with 100-percent pure walnut oil that's food-safe and contains zero minerals, plus it can even be used to polish or condition furniture. The dispenser allows you to drip, stream, or mist the oil over your surfaces, and it's also completely BPA-free.


The Espresso Machine You Can Take With You Practically Anywhere

Regular visits to the local coffee shop start to add up quick, but the STARESSO portable espresso machine ensures that you can make your own quality espresso — even while traveling. This handy machine only weighs 1-pound, yet allows you to make delicious espresso using loose grounds or coffee pods without any electricity required. The chambers and pump are made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time, and the entire machine is completely BPA-free.


An Air Conditioner That's Designed For Maximum Portability

Since it's less than a foot tall, the Peodelk portable air conditioner is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to keep cool while they're on-the-go. This portable unit allows you to add ice to the tank so that the air is extra-chilled, and the seven different built-in lights allow you to set the mood no matter where you are. It runs at an almost-silent level so that you won't disturb your coworkers, and it's significantly cheaper than running a full AC unit.


Some Makeup Remover Pads You Can Use Over And Over Again

Made from super-soft, eco-friendly bamboo fibers, the ProCIV eye makeup remover pads are an easy way to gently remove makeup from the sensitive areas around your eyes. They're even powerful enough to get rid of sunscreen, mascara, lipstick, and more. They're safe for people with all types of skin (including dry, sensitive, and oily), and each pack is equivalent to approximately 1,000 cotton balls, given that they're completely reusable.


A Pack Of Leak-Resistant Ziplocks Made From PEVA

Not only are they safe to put into the freezer, but SPLF storage bags are designed to be leak-proof so that you won't have to worry about the contents spilling out into your bag or lunchbox. Since they're completely reusable, they equate to approximately 500 disposable baggies, and the airtight seal helps keep your sandwiches, snacks, vegetables, and fruit fresh until you're ready to eat.


A Pack Of Batteries You Can Recharge And Reuse

Unlike traditional batteries, AmazonBasics AA batteries can be recharged and reused over and over again. They're ready to go right out of the box, and because they maintain 80 percent of their total capacity while they're sitting in storage, you'll always have a backup when it comes to your dead remotes, controllers, toys, smoke detectors, and flashlights.


Some Screen Protectors That Guard Your iPhone From Damage

Designed to fit the iPhone 8, 7, 6S, and 6, the AmFilm screen protector is incredibly durable as well as scratch-resistant so that your phone screen stays pristine. The tops of these protectors are covered in a unique, special coating that reduces the appearance of messy fingerprints and dirty smudges — plus the ultra-clear, high-definition transparency won't leave you squinting.


This Spray That Keeps Your Shoes Looking Like New

Everyone's accidentally ruined a pair of suede, leather, or canvas shoes in the rain. With the Rust-Oleum Never Wet shoe spray, the non-staining, crystal-clear formula will help protect your shoes against water damage and dampness. This spray also helps your shoes repel mud and ice, and many reviewers noted how it's great for protecting your shoes against stains.


A Set Of Dryer Sheets You Can Use Over And Over Again

These Echo Beach Products dryer sheets are reusable as well as completely chemical-free so that they're safe for babies and sensitive skin. Each dryer sheet can be used for over 500 loads of laundry, and you won't need to use fabric softener in your wash since they also help soften your clothes.


The Handy Tool That Gently Removes Pilling From Your Clothing

Save some serious money by giving your old sweaters and leggings a makeover. The Laundress New York pill remover keeps them looking "like new," reviewers say. All you have to do is comb this tool against any stubborn pilling, and the small combing teeth will pick them up with ease. Each one comes with its own carrying bag, and the cedar wood handle gives it a classy appearance.


A Spray That Protects Your Furniture From Stains

Spray the TriNova fabric protector spray on your couch, armchair, or even your clothes, and the unique formula will prevent spills from soaking into your fabrics so that you can quickly wipe them up. Unlike other stain guards, this one isn't flammable and is water-based so that you won't have to worry about your family's safety — plus it's completely clear as well as odorless.


The Pad That Helps Restore Sagging Sofa Cushions

Rather than putting up with a sagging couch cushion or shelling out money for a new one, the SagsAway sagging cushion insert lifts and supports your existing furniture. You can trim it depending on how large or small your cushions are, and one Amazon reviewer raved, "These made our couch cushions look and feel like brand new ... they filled out the cushion cover and boosted up the seats, which are comfortable again!"


These Stakes That Water Your Plants When You're Not Home

Place one of the Modern Innovations plant watering stakes close to the root of your plant, and then insert a filled water bottle into the top; the water will slowly seep into the dirt, keeping your plants healthy when you aren't around (or if you often forget about them). They work on both indoor as well as outdoor plants, and since the moisture is gradually delivered over time, they won't over-water, either.


The Coffee Maker That Creates Delicious Cold Brew

You could keep spending big bucks to buy cold brew from the store, or you could just make it at home using the SEMKO cold brew coffee maker. It's made with thick borosilicate glass so that it can withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking, and the filter utilizes durable, rust-resistant stainless steel that can accommodate all sorts of coffee grounds. It's airtight so that your coffee stays fresh until you're ready to drink it, and the entire unit is completely BPA-free.


An Eco-Friendly Wrap That Keeps Your Food Fresh And Clean

Plastic wrap can only be used once, but Savourio food wraps are completely reusable as well as eco-friendly. Unlike tin foil and other disposable food preservers, these wraps mold to the shape of your food, then slowly tighten to create a seal that will keep your food fresh and contaminant-free. Each order comes with one small, medium, and large wrap, and they're compostable once you're ready to throw them out.


The Cleaning Cloth That Rinses Away 99-Percent Of Germs

Dirty sponges can do a lot more harm than good, as the fibers hold onto dirt and grime that you then spread around your home while you clean — but the DURAFRESH eco-cloth is designed so that 99 percent of germs get washed away with a simple rinse. One of these reusable cloths is equivalent to approximately 20 paper towel rolls (which is great for saving you money over time), and each cloth is designed to last for at least 12 weeks.


A Device That Makes Delicious Iced Tea And Coffee In Minutes

Not only can you brew iced coffee at home, but the Mr. Coffee iced maker can take you from leaves to a full 2 quarts of delicious tea in just minutes. This machine works with both loose tea as well as bags, and the steeping basket is removable so that cleaning up is easy. The automatic shut-off ensures that it stops once your beverages are ready, and it can even brew double servings for company.


The Bug Spray That Also Protects You From The Sun

Applying bug spray after you've already put on sunscreen is a surefire way to dilute your protection, whereas the Avon bug guard combines a powerful SPF-30 sunscreen with mosquito-repelling spray that lasts for up to eight hours. This spray also repels ticks, flies, gnats, sand flies, and more for up to 10 hours, plus the formula is completely DEET-free.


A Pack Of Food Labels That You Can Erase And Reuse

Save yourself money and guesswork with Jokari food labels. Each order comes with a total of 140 high-quality labels in three different sizes so that they'll fit containers of all sizes — plus the adhesive on the back is reusable so that you aren't constantly buying refills. Rubbing alcohol can erase any labels you've written in permanent marker, and they're safe to use in microwaves, freezers, and dishwashers.


This Bag That Removes Pulp, Grinds, And Residue From Your Drinks

Traditional strainers aren't fine enough to get rid of the annoying pulp or coffee grounds in your drinks, whereas Ellie's Best nut milk bag can easily strain away any unwanted residue. This bag is food-grade certified as well as completely BPA-free, and works similar to a cheesecloth for creating your own nut milk, though it's significantly more durable as well as reusable. It dries quickly since it's made from nylon, and each order also comes with a free recipe E-book.


A Pack Of Dimmable Lights You Can Use To Illuminate Your Vanity

Buying a mirror with a built-in backlight is incredibly expensive, but that doesn't mean you should have to do your makeup in poor lighting — which is where these Chende LED vanity mirror lights come in. These bulbs provide soft, dimmable light that help you see how your makeup will look in the daylight, and the adhesive on the back of each bulb makes it easy to attach them to your mirror (or any other surface).


The Tea Infuser That Won't Float In Your Cup

Unlike competing tea infusers that can wind up floating on the top of your drink, these HOUSE AGAIN infusers are designed with additional holes that allow them to sink to the bottom of your cup. The flower top hangs on the edge of any mug so that it's easy to pull out once it's done steeping, and the super-fine mesh is made from durable stainless steel to prevent unwanted leaves from escaping.


A Personal Blender You Can Take Practically Anywhere

Its compact size means you can take it with you practically anywhere, but the PopBabies personal blender also blends your ingredients directly in a portable water bottle for added convenience. The bottle is shatter-resistant so you won't have to worry about accidentally dropping it, and each order also comes with an ice cube tray as well as a funnel. Best of all, this blender runs using a built-in rechargeable battery — so making your own cost-effective smoothies is a breeze.


The Hot Tool That Dries And Styles Your Hair Simultaneously

Drying and styling your hair can take multiple tools and brushes, but the Revlon one-step does it all with a single item. This handy tool is made with flexible bristles that work to detangle and straighten your hair while the powerful motor blows it dry, and the built-in ionic technology helps tame any unwanted frizz so that your hair is left looking silky and shiny.


A Reusable Notebook That Digitizes Your Notes

The 36-page Rocketbook smart notebook can be wiped clean with a damp cloth so you can use it over and over again — but that doesn't mean your doodles and notes are gone. Using the bar codes and the free app, your notes can be uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and other popular cloud services. This notebook works with any Pilot Frixion pen (one pen is included with each order), and many Amazon reviewers described it as a "game changer."


These Protective Sleeves That Stop Bottles From Breaking

How many wine bottles have you lost in transit? Slide one of the Wine Wings bottle sleeves over your favorite wine, and the protective skin will work like bubble wrap to keep it safe from breakage or damage. These sleeves are designed with triple-leak protection that forms an airtight seal, plus each sleeve is completely reusable. Some even use them to prevent their toiletries from exploding all over their suitcases.


A Pack Of Eco-Friendly And Biodegradable Clog Removers

Whereas most clog removers contain harsh chemicals, these Green Gobbler packages are safe and biodegradable — and they could save you tons of money in plumber bills. The formula packs are effective against grease, hair, toilet paper, soap scum, and oil, plus each order comes with a long snake for those extra-stubborn clogs. Each package is pre-measured for one job, and many Amazon reviewers noted how easy they are to use.


An Appliance That Creates Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches In Minutes

It can be tempting to grab your breakfast on the way to work, but the Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker cuts down on messes, time, and money. You can use your own fresh ingredients including eggs, cheese, sausages, and muffins, plus the plates are removable so that cleaning up is a breeze. Last but not least, it makes two sandwiches at once for optimal efficiency.


A Set Of Wine Glasses That Simply Won't Break

How many wine glasses have you gone through in your lifetime? Even though they look exactly like real glass, the YO BISTRO stemless wine glasses are made from super-durable tritan that won't break. Each one is completely BPA-free and feels very similar to real glass — and in the event they do break, YO BISTRO will replace the broken unit without any additional charge.


The Hair Mask That Tones Down Brassy Yellow Hues

Rather than paying a professional salon to do it, the Unknown purple hair mask saves you money by removing brassy undertones from blonde hair. This mask also deep-conditions your hair, and it's formulated to help protect against the sun's UV rays. It's 100 percent sulfate- as well as paraben-free, and they've even added vitamin B5 and soy protein to nourish dry, damaged strands.

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