Here's What You Can Do To Help Make An 'Ocean's 8' Sequel Actually Happen

by Tatiana Tenreyro
Warner Bros.

Over the years, there have been three Ocean’s movies, culminating with 2007’s Ocean’s Thirteen. Now that there’s an all-female spinoff starring a cast that’s just as amazing as the original, the chance that Ocean’s 8 will begin a trilogy seems likely. Unfortunately, it hasn't been confirmed yet if an Ocean’s 8 sequel will happen. The cast has already made it clear that they're game to reunite onscreen soon, but it’s up to fans and the studio to actually make that happen.

In an interview with Refinery29, the Ocean's 8 cast discussed how box office affects the possibility of a movie getting a sequel, especially when it's a female-led property. “When you get down to it, the only way we get to make movies is by making someone some money. If this film doesn’t perform, then it’ll be another political statement,” explained star Sandra Bullock. “I don’t want that. What would be nice is that if this works, it works because it was a good movie, and that people forget that it was a group of eight women. And then maybe this group of eight women will take on a ninth person, and we’ll be able to do it again. But it all depends on how it performs.”

As Bullock noted, movies get sequels when they make money, and historically, those films have tended to be male-led. When female-led movies do exist and have the potential to be blockbusters, the focus is typically all on the actors being women, rather than on the actual quality of the movie. Hopefully, Ocean’s 8 will be a success and as a result, receive attention for more than just its all-female cast. Deadline reports that the film is projected to make $45 million on its opening weekend, similarly to the amount Ocean’s Eleven made back in 2001. That'd be a pretty great haul for any movie in the heist genre, so fingers crossed that it ends up being the case.

And hopefully, that kind of financial win will open the doors for an Ocean's 8 sequel. Even though it’ll still be a while until we’ll know if there’s a sequel coming, it’s evident that working on this film was special to its stars. People reports that at a recent press conference, Hathaway shared that one of the things that made the movie so great was “the idea that we could all bring all of the experiences we’ve ever had and bring it into this shared pool — and all then collectively become better because we’re all just together.”

Hathaway also acknowledged that while criminals involved in a heist aren’t exactly the best aspirational characters for young girls, it's the movie's message of letting viewers know women can be part of action-packed stories that matters. “To an 8-year-old girl maybe we’re not saying go have a life a crime, but to go do what you want and there’s space for you,” Hathaway said. “There’s space for you to go do it with your friends, there’s room for all of you. I think that films that have an ‘everybody in’ mentality and message for people who have historically been excluded is a good message for people.”

Clearly, the Ocean's 8 cast is ready and willing to reprise their characters’ stories, even potentially adding a ninth person to the next installment to continue the Ocean’s tradition. But their fate lies in the hands of moviegoers, so head to the box office. It’s time to prove that if there can be a handful of male-led Ocean’s 11 movies, Ocean’s 8 just as much deserves the opportunity to get some sequels.